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  1. happened to me, but I was playing R6. I got banned without even doing much I was just testing it. Still wondering if their HWID SPOOFER will permanently change my HWID even after I restart my pc.
  2. like the spoofed hwid, will it stay?
  3. will it stay even if I restart my pc?
  4. Okay so I think I figured out why I have been banned on R6. I am HWID banned. How can I fix this? Is there any spoofer that can change my hwid and if I restart my PC it will be fine? If I run the R6 CHEAT when undetected and then log off and log onto a new accout can I play again?
  5. Hey, this is a long lasting issue that I recieved while using your guys cheats. I got banned off of Rainbow Six Siege a few weeks back, and how do I avoid getting banned? Because every R6 account I go on gets banned? I tried spoofing my HWID and going back on and it did not work. I am thinking of switching VPNs to see if that will solve it. What do you guys think the issue is?