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  1. this is sometimes a bug when u use the speedwalking hack. just relog ingame without closing the game and strt again without the speedhack. When u ingame u can activate it again. PS: can happend too with Storage / Health / and other Things. Greetz
  2. Just on word of Thank you to the Stuff and Support from Hyper Cheats. (No, I dont get or want anything for this review !!!) After 3 Weeks of Freezing and Crashing into Desktop, the hack now works just soooo great. No Crashing at all and in Loads without any problems. Even with Winver 1909 and SLI. Very Thanks to the Coder for this awesome Hack. And very Thanks to Drogo and M1ark for the friendly Support. Greetings and Happy Hacking
  3. Just one Questiobn. Is the Cheat working now witout freezing oder crasking ? greetings
  4. no, dont understand why they closed the other Threat. I am we wanted to help them, even after hunderts of trys. So maybe the "Lead Support" could tell us, how do we know that they are working on the issus and how to we get to know about ? @Adrian greetings and nice weekend to all 😄
  5. i made some videos for my Reseller per Whatsapp. Showed him what happend. Did everything what your instructions says ... but still the same : / Reseller: Mar1k
  6. thx for the trying. i did everything like that ... but it just changed that it worked now 5 mins insted of 1 min bevor freezing : / And yes, I do restart the PC every bloody time bevor i retry it ....
  7. it worked now for me for about 5 minutes longer. than same problem with freez ....at a very very bad situation xD (had no hacks activated...)
  8. Same here, tryed it about 5 times. allways with full pc restart. but dont even last 3 minutes bevor crash or freez. At least it change that it crashs more often, than it freezes 😄
  9. Tryed again with everything possible closed and canceled. Still its the same problem. Game Freezes oder Crashes into Desktop. : /
  10. sorry to say, but it is still crashing or freezing after 1 minute. Tryed it 3x Times. 1. with changing nothing in Hackmenu (Crash to Desktop). 2. with disable everything in Hackmenu (Freeze). 3. with diable everything in Hackmenu and only tryed Benchmark (Crash to Desktop) (all without SLI and only on Monitor pluged in) Maybe its the Launcher we start? client-key-test3.8 ?
  11. tryed it now, same problem. I turned everything off. like i would not use any cheat. tryed it tiwce and once the game crashed into desktop and once just freeze like allways.
  12. still the same problem for me. tryed in some different modes, but its still freezing. excpect for 2x times it just crashed into windows desktop. Cheat is loading fine and hack is working great, but only for about 1 - 2 minutes. Whats with the others who had these problems ?
  13. I tryed it also in every possible grafic. Unpluged secound screen and even disabled SLI. reseteted BIOS and Updated it to newest. Still the same problem. If you need any other support. just let me know. greetz
  14. but not allways, stop trying now to make it work. its allways freezing after some minutes playing. sometimes you have some sound and only a freezed screen. And sometimes its a freezed screen and repeating 2sec sound.