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  1. So Im casually playing dayz modded server, only using esp, farming loot and that's all I did no aimbot, didn't even pvp yet. so I got a game ban in less than 5 hours of using the hack. First thing is how long have people currently been running the hack without a ban? second is my game crashes everytime on server restart, I don't close the game I just go back to main menu and try to join back but the game crashes. when the game crashes I try to launch the game again but it says the game is still running even tho its not. I check to see and it says Battleye is still running. I closed battleye and ran the hack again and tried launching the game but the whole pc crashed when I did. I start the pc back up and instantly got the notice saying I was game ban. could that be my problem? would like to know before I go rebuy the game again.