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  1. status is Undetected,but it not safe....i lose 4 accounts in a week
  2. dayz is safe in today?
  3. hello guys.The loader has expired. Please send me a new loader.

    i buy code fromu. my code is 5e7531d0bb4855b751039f571f3d1cc25f83ed41

  4. Me too...3 day 2times
  5. i baned two Accounts Within a week.
  6. hello guys,U sold me a key in another area. I can't use it. How can I solve it
  7. hi.u give me the Code is not china region.i cant use it.plz Change another one

  8. hi guys,i cant login for this card``5e7531d0bb4855b751039f571f3d1cc25f83ed41

  9. 出现了问题 一直查询更新 `这个如何解决呢
  10. alway like this for 20min


  11. hi guys are u here?

  12. 你好 我购买了dayz 作弊。请尽快发送key给我。谢谢