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  1. Heh, I guess I would have to see and use the cheats for myself before I'm even considered, eh? Thanks again Adrian ❤️ I'll look into HyperCheats a bit more, specifically around games I play like Rust and Rainbow Six.
  2. Hmm what are some of these "perks" you speak of? Also how can I work my way to be a staff? Can you maybe point me in the right direction? kek I know very little about this site, let alone cheats in general XP
  3. hey everyone. a little new around here. i've been looking at cheats for Rust for quite sometime but haven't been able to get them due to my financial spot. With that being said, I wouldn't want to pay a large sum amount of money over and over again. Is there a life time option for Rust? I've been told to talk to Moderators or something, but i don't know where to start without causing misunderstanding xP boop <3