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  1. Unfortunate if true. I would at least auction off the source or have the updates applied by someone else... I mean there are still new customers flowing. if you're not planning on continuing, you should post the farewell and close the site. (*sigh*) in its current state, this site is acting as a honeypot without reward, and who knows when if ever it had planned to be functioning honestly again. I can't say the experience I had wasn't well developed I suppose.
  2. I am making this post to inform new clients about the current expectations they can have with this site and its products. It has been about a month since admins have been around. People are still purchasing from the shop with an understanding that everything is working properly, which is misleading and dishonest. Whatever the circumstance of the absence of the core individuals running this site, I felt it necessary to inform new patrons to wait to make a purchase until development/administration has resumed. Here are a couple of notable details to justify your decision making when visiting this site in its current state: Its likely none of the cheats are updated, regardless of what the site is displaying about their status. If you buy a product, you probably just threw money out the window as there have been updates to several games over the time span of absence of administration. There is no mention of any absence or any planned time of return from the admins/owners/devs of this site. it has only been observed that no individual matching those roles have logged into the site in about a months time. There has been no contact/communication made apparent between site owners/admins/devs to any Lead support or support team member. If you have recently purchased a cheat: If you have purchased a cheat and find that you have followed the Getting Started Guide but are still encountering problems such as crashing, freezing, and blue-screens: it is likely that the cheat you have purchased is not updated to the current version of the game that it is intended for. Therefore you must wait alongside other users in the same situation until admins/devs return. Undoubtedly, granted the admins are people of their word, they would address everyone who has purchased something in this absence/downtime should be reimbursed with that same amount of time or more when Admins return. Also any problems that have arose in the absence of the admins would be answered and rectified appropriately in the same manor. Please follow the guidelines and post in the appropriate game section as well as creating a ticket with the Support Ticket System to report the issue you are encountering.
  3. Probably not working. Admins have not addressed any updates to the products.