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  1. like i said, cheats are never infallible, no matter how good it is, i understand u put alot of effort into making it detected, but if a player bought cheats lets be honest there will be times they will be ragehacking, cause thats the point of cheating it is to have fun, your pricing is ridiculous compared to anyone else, even without covid-19, real life doesnt work like that ppl got to pay bills /rent/food, and those who earn their money themselves dont have time to play games all day. youve got 24 hrs in a day, you bought 1 day rust cheat, you sleep 8 hours, you work 8 hours, you got a few hours to do other things such as dinner/friends/family, leaving only a couple hours to utlise rust cheat? wheres the "money worth in that" whether you like to hear it all not thats facts of life. if you havnt realised the logic in that u cater only for the top 1% and even then u minimize it more because their are obviously other ways wealthy ppl can spend their money, my opinion is that you wont grow and make as much money that you think your making. thats the logic im pointing out. if you made your pricing decent, and kept your standard of undetection, youll basically destroy every other hacking site as ppl wld swarm to yours and buy it off you hence making you more money becasue who wouldn't want decent reliable cheats?
  2. Hi, I am a new user and I am really interested in HC, however the pricing is ridiculous for one day , this site has got to havethe most ridiculous price range for cheats I have ever seen . $25usd for 1 day in rust is crazy. I understand your reasoning and why you put it as such because your proud of your anti cheat, and you are always on top of your updates but remmber cheating is never infallible no matter what , if you could never be banned then I’d really understand the pricing , but this discussion is to urge the admins to reconsider pricing and drop the pricing abit more so more average economic ppl can afford as your price range is actually for those who are pretty wealthy, especially in this economic hard time for the covid-19 pandemic , as you target the top 1% ppl who would pay for this. Not every1 gets to leech off their parents money And don’t have to work for it :(, please reconsider your pricing , in my opinion you’ll actually earn more money faster if you cater to middle range class also as there will be a constant influx of customers. thanks for reading.