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  1. im now on 20lvl and never have any issue without aimbot, no recoil is made 99% easy kills. But based on my experience from Division 1 their stats based anticheat can detect aimbot sooner or later. + dont forget about EAC.
  2. i'm using no recoil and just esp and it's really enough for me
  3. They have stat based anticheat + EAC so you cant rage and play like in 1st game. but game still interested with cheat 🙂
  4. Apex Cheat has been updated: Item esp has been added Massive stability improvements also All items are colorized, All items have their respectable categories, with changeable settings like enable/disable and range.
  5. some overlay or overclocking program can affect to your fps
  6. I was removed again 😞
  7. Actually WeChat pay currently not available on online payment service. It was temporary removed. However you can try AliPay or UnionPay.