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  1. tbh i never had any game that was close to hvh i play on europe servers tho haha, i played vs someone with esp once or twice but theyre trying to hide it anyways.
  2. I used the r6 cheat for a month as well, and i didnt get banned at all i had lvl 2 with aimbot and played obv af in diamond elo, they eat your bullshit in diamond elo but not below,i always got called out in low elo and they were mad af, in high elo theyre mostly just saying well played or smth. (For me it looked obvious, for my team appearently not.)
  3. disable Hyper V in windows functions
  4. Just bought 1 Month of this amazing cheat, tested it for one week and its just the best one on the market right now.
  5. R6S does not have the stream proof option as of right now!
  6. Mexican

    New pricing!

    lmao 100$ for the best Rust cheat available rn? Don't think thats gonna happen If you wanna spend 100$ get the R6 Cheat, its amazing
  7. didnt change anything dw, yes they last way longer if u dont change anything. just asking so i can buy some more 😛
  8. hope for restock soon they got taken faster than a pawg at a nibba party
  9. +rep for atoo bought 2 accounts first one didnt have r6 on it due to a bug and he replaced it right away
  10. Would recommend u to update anyways✌️
  11. I think only 1803 sorry my dude
  12. would like to buy an account sent u a pm