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  1. Hi, No. currently we are not offering any private cheats and will never sell fortnite on here again.
  2. Hi, This isn't just for HyperCheats but for all other cheat forums which is more liable to have hackers etc. In the event that you used a password on HyperCheats that is the same on anything else. Make sure to change them as well. Any cheating websites always enable 2 Factor Auth, which you can do here on HyperCheats.
  3. All good! If you have any other questions feel free to make another thread or create a support ticket. Thread Locked.
  4. Adrian


    Hi, If you have had a ban recently on PUBG then make a valid ban report. Please don't make posts claiming that our cheats are detected, when they're not. Thread Locked.
  5. Hi, To become a re-seller you have to have a good understanding of our cheats. You have just made your account and this is your first post. Stick around for a bit to understand how it works and purchase a subscription to get a feel for the cheats. Re-sellers have to provide support to their customers so its best to have an understanding.
  6. I saw in the chatbox. Have you fixed your issue?
  7. Hi, Only Administrators can change user ranks, even to Trusted. There is nothing I can personally do but recommend to them. Please keep in mind that gaining the Trusted rank is not by how much you have spent on our cheats. Trusted rank is gained by helping users around the forums and generally just being friendly to the community. For the time being we currently do not have any Private Cheats as there is still a lot to work on with our current cheats. Not really any use for the Trusted rank at the moment! With that being said we still may have some private cheats in the future. With all this being said I do not see a problem with yourself being trusted and I would recommend, I cant see any issues and it looks like you have been friendly and stuck around on the forums.
  8. It’s always great to hear some feedback! I moved this thread to review section so oncoming users can see your positive review.
  9. Just to let you know I have confirmed that you can still indeed renew through Manage Purchases no problem. It’s just not available to purchase through the store.
  10. Created another comment so you get another notification. Just to let you know I have confirmed that you can still renew subscriptions through Manage Purchases no problem.
  11. Adrian


    Yes, Aimbot is working fine at the moment. No freezing.
  12. Can you renew through Manage Subscriptions and it works? For now, if you have not tried yet just wait out until us Lead Supports receive some confirmation from the administrators that you can do this. I believe it is just something they have missed when removing Level 1.
  13. Hi, Currently from here on there will be no Level 1. This would of been a hard decision for the administrators. Depending on how it goes they may however lower the price a little for Level 2 cheats or maybe bring back Level 1. A lot of users do not use Aimbot and only Extra Sensory Perception so this would of been noted by the administrators. Remember that they can track who purchases Level 1 cheats.
  14. Hi, On a side note to what Massfrosty has explained. If you are worried that it’s in Arabic you can just uninstall all other languages but English on your windows installation. Just search languages and remove all but English. Massfrosty has explained that you do not have a current subscription. If you have purchased through a reseller then you’d need to contact them for support as you are now their customer after purchasing from them. Thread Locked.