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  1. Adrian


    Don’t purchase any cheats from the store. We believe cheats are detected but administrators have disappeared.
  2. Our tested version are 1803, 1809, and 1903. But you shouldn't have any issues with 1909.
  3. Adrian


    If you have purchased from our store, please create a ticket with proof of payment etc. I am yet to see the case where payment has went through and user has not received the product.
  4. Adrian


    Have you purchased off a re-seller?
  5. Yes, Arma 3 is fine.
  6. Your post was hidden, and yes you gave enough information for someone to know what you are talking about.
  7. To start off, i agree that a thread like this needed to be made. Or-though HyperCheats administrators are inactive, for the time being please refrain from mentioning other cheat providers. Yes, they may of well went on to another project. But we do not know that for certain, so in the event that they do return. They probably wont want to return to other cheat providers over their forum.
  8. Adrian

    Division 2

    Really you can use anything as long as you don't make it really obvious as you will most likely receive a manual ban.
  9. Adrian


    Hi, Yes it should be safe. Please check status next time.
  10. From my understanding it should be fine.
  11. This most likely wont be something we offer.
  12. Sorry, this isn't something we offer. Ensure you wait for the right time, wait if you know you will be going away or something.
  13. Please create a ticket and it will be assigned to an administrator.