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  1. ETA means "Estimated time of arrival" So there is no ETA let the admins finish there testing.
  2. @Tobbo Thank you for your purchase. Staff please close thread.
  3. As title state im selling 69 HC for $50 BTC. PM me if interested
  4. I love when I have a question it gets answered almost immediately, whether that be staff or a community member. This is by far the best community for cheats there is. Hands down.
  5. You have any fortnight accounts that have skins on them right now?
  6. Do you assume they call pull a fix out of there ass. Not how it works but.
  7. Purchased with bitcoin and in the store it had me create a account but now when I tried to sign into that account it didnt work so I had to make a new one. What can I do I have proof of transaction I can send to whoever so I can get the fortnite files