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  1. Yes, Protects you from all hwid bans.
  2. What about my homie g0d 😥, Anyway nice review i enjoyed the read.
  3. Its in testing broski, Check status https://hypercheats.gg/status/ like nate said.
  4. Maybe you never know, I haven't got to play the game myself but from whatI'vee seen it looks fun, Now they're running EAC and if the demand is high it's highly possible we could see a division cheat here at hyper, But if the demand isn't high it probably won't happen.
  5. Well, That sucks sorry to hear, If you restarted your pc before playing rust this shouldn't of happened period it was most likely something else because without any cheat loaded nothing is detectable, And EAC doesn't ban across multiple games so it must've been something wrong on your end.
  6. I purchased a $16 gift card from one of your verified resellers (Interloyd), however, I have not received my gift card. I have tried to talk to him about it, but he says that the admins or support would add a $16 gift card to my account even though I still havn't gotten it.

    rust cheats comfirmed.JPG


  7. Paypal is never gonna happen period, Buy via a reseller and silent aim could be a possibility.
  8. Wrong, Eac is better period, Fairfight is good at catching cheaters not BE, And there is many cheaters in r6 trust me.
  9. Hey man cheat is being investigated due to the ban reports keep a eye on the status.
  10. Ok you just gave me autism if you don’t know what your talking about don’t talk at all, Vac is useless EAC is 1000x more powerful then vac for a starter and BE is no where near as good as EAC, Eac is a completely different ball game to any other anticheat at the moment just like blizzards.
  11. Nah they’re cracked, Sometimes you can get lucky with brainwashing Ubisoft support I have done many times when I get a really good account like 200+ ect for like a dollar you just have to play the victim card and have some photoshop skill that’s it.
  12. Correct, Your ip is toast, All you have to do is use a vpn now when you play not that hard and you dont lag unless the vpn is bad.