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  1. you could give it to me for free 😄
  2. its fine that you have an amd cpu but im talking about the selling
  3. im talking about i dont trust how your selling it to people because your just selling it out of nowhere and there is no trust
  4. how can we trust you?
  5. to be honest the best person to buy it from is mianbao, support him he is a great guy and he does the cheapest out of all the resellers, just telling you a tip
  6. yes a lot of people have been saying that nitrosolutions is taking a bit long im sorry about this send your order summary to a staff or best to send your order summary to the staff that you bought it off sorry about what has been happening to you
  7. literally in the forum username, in the order summary it says @Prophetazz
  8. ibby0121

    selling 8$

    isnt that a bit too much for $8
  9. are you trying to get free cheats on 2 accounts?
  10. i dont know who you are fooling lol
  11. isnt this the same order information as @Prophetazz