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  1. The Aimbot doesn't really work properly. You have to do the RCS yourself and if you change recoil, insta ban after 1 day. Over range the prediction is trash, so yeah, silent aim would be nice 'cause the netcode (PUBG) is trash aswell.
  2. First of all, I will rate the features of the cheat with leaving out the crashes and Lags / other Performance Issues. Aimbot (7/10): Overall features that are needed such as Fov and Smooth and especially two aimbot keys, thats great! But, you can't use Silent Aim combined with Aimbot (yet) and that kind of bothers me but whatever. Also there's Visibility Check, which is great to have as a feature but currently no working properly when someone's peeking or in a weird position. Though everything like smooth and fov is good, the prediction is terrible and from 150-400m you won't hit anything until the person stands still. Player ESP (9/10): So, you got all these basic features like showing names, info (weapon), health and that kinda stuff, that's great and a must have! You also got Bones, you can make them thicker than they are, but for that I'd like to see some slider and not a whole option. But sometimes the ESP flickers and that's really annyoing, especially on the Snow Map, where the frames are not that good, might be caused by the cheat or some options of it. Theres also a slider for the distance of the ESP which makes you set priorities. Item ESP (10/10): In a game like PUBG you gotta have that, and i like it alot. I'd have thought this would cause massive FPS Drops, but no, it's really good actually. There's also Icons in this ESP which is great but not really that useful, only if you're familiar with the looks of armor etc. While you think it's pretty annoying seeing all these items over the map, there are sliders to decrease the distance of showing them. I like that aswell as the option to change the scale of the icons. Misc (10/10): Here you have the option to enable rage features like No Spread and No Recoil. But for you guys out there that wanna stay under the radar, good news, because you can change the recoil and Spread from 0-100 (slider). And then there are these mega rage features like driving through buildings, flying cars etc. But, for you guys, that want to record some gameplay and not only want to look legit ingame, you can also enable Streamproof and you'll see nothing what you see in OBS besides the fact that Icons do show up on the recording. But everything else, use it, you're good to go! Overall (6/10 + crashes) (8/10 - crashes): It's a good cheat, but definitely still needs some improvement and not new features right now I think, especially when these new features crash the game. And there we are, crashes. To run this cheat fine you need pretty good Specs and (mostly important) a clean windows with a special version that you can get when you purchase the Cheat, what is most of the time pretty confusing. Visibility Checks are not working properly sometimes as mentioned above and either the Prediction literally in this state right now is terrible or im doing something wrong. But yeah, overall a good cheat and the price is okay for 1 Month.
  3. Yonas

    R6 Aimbot

    For sure: Look at the features, bone selection is there, you can aim at the head, neck and chest (body) whatever you want.
  4. So if you change your main FOV the silent aim FOV will change aswell?
  5. Hey, just wanted to make sure some features are there in the cheat that are not listed in the explanation of all features, like: -Silent Aim FOV Changer -Silent Aim Bone Changer Cause I thought of combining the Aimbot with high smooth with Silent Aim set to a lower FOV. And is it normal that resellers charge *75%* additional to the normal price of PUBG Level 2?
  6. Yonas

    HWID Spoofer

    And nothing of your information will be changed?
  7. Do I have to use it while cheating with your Cheats? Because i wouldnt care and play that specific game no longer after I get banned just wanting to have fun.