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  1. It seems like Misc module was responsible for problem. I've made it disabled by default. Although i think problem is fixed, please try and let me know 🙂
  2. You can try disabling certain modules, and see whether you crash. For example: start game, disable misc module and play. If you manage to stop crashes please let me know, would be very helpfull
  3. I've just pushed update, please test and report in case you still have any issues
  4. Could you guys maybe try lowest possible graphical settings?
  5. I'm having hard time reproducing your issue, i'll try to fix it ASAP and notify you all when it's hopefully resolved. Sorry for inconvenience
  6. It's fixed now, sorry for the delay
  7. g0d

    Rust LVL 2 feature update!

    Hello everyone! We're proud to introduce feature updates for Rust! -Fast heal (bound to F2 by default), uses your syringe instantly! -Fast item pickup (instantly moves items to or from your inventory by right clicking them) -Horse ESP -Any item held by a player is now displayed (including non-weapons) -Always day works in caves and monuments! Keep eye on rust cheat, because we plan to add even more features in the near future!
  8. As of right now, R6S cheat has been updated with new feature - Teleport. Any level 2 user can check it out. Teleport uses same targetting system as aimbot and its default key is N. We'll listen to your feedback and adapt everything according to your needs. Here's short video that shows how it looks live:
  9. -Crashes has been fixed -Regarding speedhack, it's just how this shit game works. It's miracle that this feature is even a thing in such old game, unfixed by their devs. -HP bars are not "broken", health is just not supported as of writting this response -I'll be looking into FPS issues
  10. g0d


    You can't just come here and assume people gender like this, it's inapproperiate..
  11. Yes we do support 9th intel generation It would be easier to answer if you'd specify game you're asking about 😛
  12. https://steamcharts.com/app/513710 If this changes to stable 20k+, then we'll consider releasing cheat. There's no point to spend our time on games that noone plays obviously Arma III we'll consider