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  1. So I have had Hyper since they have launched their Fortnite cheat and its been pretty good. I have their Rainbow Six Seige hack, Experience with the PUBG cheat and used to have Fortnite but they stopped coding it 😞 The cheat is good, functional and reliable. (This counts for all of their cheats) There are some lenghty downtimes but they are worth it. The ESP is fantastic and it looks really smooth but I really REALLY wish they would add chams and make us able to customize it. The aimbot is smooth, nothing to improve here. The menu is pretty cool, its easy to use and looks nice. Also I wish that on level 1 AND level 2 we would get some sort of misc tab where we could change our FOV, put stream proof, save configs,etc... (I feel like both of them could have it.) Thats it! Thanks for reading.
  2. its my opinion and my review. which you probably cant change
  3. I'm selling a steam account that has a very expensive TF2 inventory. This includes over 20+ keys which are 2.20 dollars EACH. And the steam account also has CSGO,R6s and Insurgency. Looking for 120 HC if you are serious about buying please contact me here: grimz#6800,[email protected],HyperCheats PMS Steam Account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/coolhvh
  4. The community. Now, the community can be VERY TOXIC and very Helpful at times. The support members are amazing, they will help you with EVERYTHING related to HyperCheats. I feel like some of them should be promoted moderator since the admins are sometimes very non-responsive and don't interact in the chat box. Community rating 6.5/10 HWID Spoofer So the perfomance on the spoofer is AMAZING it spoofs everything it needs to and helps you clear your BANS, but you obviously need to do the HWID Unban Method. And I love the idea of just buying the HWID Spoofer and no cheats with it. Spoofer Rating 10/10 The Cheat Now, the things i'm about to say are controversial and everybody has their own opinion on them. I have bought the R6S cheat and it works good. It does what its supposed to do. And its Undetected as of 9/11/2018. The Fortnite cheat. Now this is VERY controversial. The level 1 and 2 is such bullshit. The ESP is sometimes useful and non-useful. Lets not mention some people pay for the ESP and don't even get things as Llama esp,Chest esp and item esp. Which i think should be included in the level 1. And I seriously think that the Level 1 & 2 should act as ONE cheat. Cheat rating 7/10 Overall rating of HyperCheats.gg is 7.5/10 -grimzware
  5. grimzware


    im banned currently and if i use the hwid spoofer hypercheats.gg provide will i be unbanned
  6. he is asking if the hwid spoofer works when he is banned
  7. probably fake who gives 3500 dollars for free wtf?