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  1. Yes the spoofer works for any game that we support so if you take a be game you can use it on any be/eac supported games.
  2. Please create a support ticket
  3. Hi, The rust cheat is confirmed undetected by our own testings and many users who have been cheating (even raging) can confirm it. Those ban reports are due to the "traces" that facepunch/eac can leave on your pc after a ban. We do have guides to help users remove them but not everyone is following those guides. You can be sure that we would get way more reports if it was detected.
  4. Hi, You can find the official list of features here:
  5. Hi, About the ban rate we can't really guarantee that the cheat will stay safe forever but since it's release (1 week ago) we still didn't get a single ban report. You can also see that our detection rate for battleye cheats is low (months undetected almost 1 year on some cheats) and yes you can use it on all servers. Atm there is no coupon code for dayz unfortunately.
  6. Synth


    Yes we do support this cpu and it's up to you if you feel like you should use the spoofer. It is included in all cheats so you don't need to pay extra and it is a nice protection if you plan to play legit in the future.
  7. I have an account with 12hours rn. Will update if it gets banned.
  8. Admins updated the cheat a few minutes ago. Could you try it now ?
  9. Because admins are aware of the issue.
  10. Please contact your reseller for support.
  11. Yes all levels and cheats have the hwid spoofer included.
  12. You bought from an old reseller. He doesn't have the reseller rank here anymore. See with him for a refund.
  13. Synth


    Hi, You can compare both versions by looking at the features list at the bottom of the page The main difference is that level 2 has many aim assistance features while level 1 only has player esp stuff.
  14. Check with your reseller for a status update but devs are aware of it.