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  1. Then you probably need to setup your pc to avoid conflicting softwares like antiviruses. Contact your reseller for support.
  2. Make sure you use the "test" loader.
  3. Did you use any of the misc features ? (like nospread/norecoil)
  4. Synth

    Pubg Bann

    Did you use any of the "misc" settings ?
  5. Devs probably found the issue. A free day will be added to your sub when they fix it.
  6. You can press "end" (if I remember correctly) to unload the cheat. EDIT: nvm it's f10 but it won't work when you restart
  7. The only hacks that we will give you is ours: https://hypercheats.gg/store/category/3-rust/ Advertising other hacks isn't allowed.
  8. To complete Router answer I would advise you to wait for our cheat to be officially undetected before buying. You can check it here: https://hypercheats.gg/status/
  9. The cheat hasn't been detected since 7 months. The only way you can get banned is when you rage or use misc features (like nospread).
  10. The speedhack as nothing to do with the recent bans. As long as you don't use it you shouldn't get banned because of it.
  11. Also most of @MeNeedHack informations are outdated. Apex upgraded their EAC build (maybe not as strong as their rust version but idk) and battleye is just shitting in their pants right now.
  12. If Joanna said that he won't get banned it's because we have a 7 months streak of safety on Battleye. (which is way weaker than EAC btw). Make sure you don't use any misc features and you should get a good lasting account.
  13. Not participating but I wanted to share my screenshots
  14. Yes we will give a compensation for the testing time when it's officially undetected (Only for users who bought BEFORE the status change)