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  1. Updating a cheat security-wise isn't like fixing a feature or updating the offsets. It takes a lot of time because our devs have to see what's detected, find a way to fix it and test it. The issue with that last part is the delayed bans that rust has. You could play for a day or two without an issue but the cheat is still detected and you would get banned on the third day. Don't forget that we work against a company that has many devs 100% dedicated at finding cheats and detecting them. Nothing is easy here. That's also why we don't give an ETA because most people here would complain that we never follow them, it's impossible to tell if a security fix worked without testing it for some days. Rushing an update would only lead to our users getting banned. Only because they were complaining that we are slow. I can assure you that the project is still live and is one of our priorities right now.
  2. Synth


    When rust officialy becomes undetected you will get all the days of testing back as stated here:
  3. Weird. Dev has been able to play for many hours. Has anyone been able to play after this update ? Also is your game in english ? Did you try in windowed mode ?
  4. Cheat got updated during this night.
  5. Synth


    You must understand that bans can be extremely delayed (up to one/two weeks) so testing can be really long. Putting the status as detected won't change much because the compensations rules are the same for both. Buy only when it's undetected.
  6. Bitcoin transactions can take some time. Please wait a few hours and create a support ticket if you still didnt get anything.
  7. Could you explain what is your issue ?
  8. Synth


    Please dont make 2 posts about your issue.
  9. You can't have an automatic renewal with bitcoins. We will send you a renewal link to your email adress but you're free to pay it or not.
  10. Our spoofer will protect all of those components. You should be able to play on a pc that would always get banned instantly without a spoofer.
  11. Rust is already updated for the latest version of the game. Please contact your reseller to get support.
  12. Try to get an SSD for rust specially. Loading times are so bad with HDDs and you can get cheap SSDs nowadays
  13. If you want a 100% safe way to make sure you legit main account never gets banned -> full wipe your pc before starting cheating. As @horris96 said, they check the userdata folder in your steam installation directory to ban all rust accounts they see in it. But they might add others ways to ban your main in the future so a full wipe is the only way to completely separate your main "legit" account from your cheating accounts. I personally use 2 different sdds with 2 different windows installations. One for legit stuff and the other one for cheats, I just switch them when I want to cheat or not. Never got banned on any main accounts since I started using HC 10 months ago. Ofc always use the spoofer, it's an incredible tool to keep your pc safe when you play legit.
  14. Hi, Could you contact your reseller regarding your hwid issue ? He will be contacting the admins for you.