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  1. Hi Please create your reseller request here: https://hypercheats.gg/support/ Admins will ask you some questions once they see your ticket
  2. You're right but it was not like that before. You had to buy before the status change to get a compensation.
  3. Rust uses EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) and our spoofer works perfectly on it atm. Also you can't unban your account, a spoofer is only here to bypass hwid bans.
  4. Synth

    Rust cheat

    You can contact one of the resellers. (They have a blue username)
  5. Heya, Please avoid mentioning other cheats providers, even if we don't offer the cheats they have. Thanks
  6. Synth


    Heya, Unfortunately we don't allow the sharing of other cheats even if we don't offer them right now. You will have to find your answer on another site.
  7. Hi, You have to contact your reseller to get support. Make sure to follow the troubleshooting guide he gave you.
  8. Hi, You can download the loader here: https://hypercheats.gg/files/
  9. Arma 3 works on all kind of servers.
  10. Devs might be taking some days off or could be working on other stuff but don't worry arma 3 is one of their priorities right now and every day lost will be compensated.
  11. Hi, You can contact one of our resellers (they have a blue rank on our website) or check their official post. Most of them accept paypal as a payment method but they do add a fee for their service and it might take some time before you get your sub (up to 24h usually)
  12. Hi, You should create a ticket here: https://hypercheats.gg/support/ for personal/sub related issues like this one.
  13. The loader is now back online and admins gave 1 compensation day to every subs.
  14. Hi, The loader is down atm but devs have been warned about it. Should be back asap.
  15. Arma needs to be updated to fix the features. Devs will work on it asap.