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  1. What is actually being done to mitigate the detection? What was detected about the cheat last time and what was the fix applied? This constant game of game of cat and mouse we have been under temporary undetection for over a year. We gotta beef up our security.
  2. Favorite Features: Aimbot/ESP Comprehensive ESP, from animals to stashes you got it all. Things missing in the ESP: Heli, Tool Cupboards, Elite Crates Aimbot: Aimbot is on point. Side note: norecoil is always activated. This hack works too good. If you're blatant, expect to get banned. It WILL happen. With great power comes great responsibility. Use your cheats wisely. You WILL be able to take out a team of 5 but is it believable? Of course not. Pick and choose your battles. It's best to have a team with you because nobody believes a SOLO is going to be dominating. Features I wish were included: Aimbot for the Heli. 2 weeks no ban. Can we hit the month mark? I hope so.