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  1. I am back on track ! Did the entries + Random generation, took a while to because of @RragnarokK entries ! Here are the winner for 7 days subs ! 1) @RragnarokK (ofc XD) 2) @killmenow 3) @Higgins Best of luck to all of you in other contest ! FizZ
  2. Unbanning services do exist. But they are not 100% a win. Those service usually cost like 40-50$ for an account.
  3. https://hypercheats.gg/store/product/5-rainbow-six-siege-level-1/ refer to the store page. None of the features you jsut said are included in lvl 1. The menu is from PUBG πŸ˜‰
  4. All payments issues should be fixed. And with the addition of new payment systems, its almost instant now !
  5. You want to share some love ? You want to say thank you to a friend ? We have a new solution for you ! Let me introduce you to: HyperCheats Gift Cards !!! https://hypercheats.gg/store/gift-cards/ You can now give those to anyone you want !
  6. FizZ

    Buy R6S

    1 day keys are pretty much the same price as a week lvl 1 r6s XD
  7. we cant do shit about copinpayment lol ? And none of us have admin pannel.
  8. FizZ

    pubg cheat

    Elite pvpers, like this is the truth πŸ˜‚ Add some salt on top of it, you have some dumb trash talk towards HC. If you play correctly, and do not rage you will be fine
  9. Hello Everyone ! Welcome to to the First HyperCheat Tournament ! Prizes: 3 x 7 days of Apex Level 2. Rules and basic information: Entries: 1 point = 1 ticket with your name on in the giveaway. It will be drawn by myself with the supervision of @RouterRage. Do not ask for ETA when winners will be announced, we are busy but it will happen do not worry ;). There is no entries limit, you can have 500x your name in the giveaway ! How to make points ? You will need to Win a Apex Legends games. Provide proof of the win with a screenshot, see the example below:Every post will grant points according to the following chart Points: 1 point for a Apex Legends win screenshot. 3 points for a Apex Legends win screenshot with 30 kills + on a solo player. **Extra** 2 points: If you provide any of the following screenshot, including "HyperCheats" in your Username. (See screenshot for exampleπŸ˜‰ ) Every screenshot will be added to your total tickets ! You may enter the tournament NOW ! Post your screenshots results in this thread ! I will be monitoring it, i DO reserve myself the right to not compile your screenshots if they look fishy. This will end Saturday at midnight *US eastern Timezone !*
  10. pm them.... ?
  11. Should i say what is already answerted so we are 3 saying the same exact stuff ^^ ? locking, considering this over answered.