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  1. It will come. Be patient 😉 we never gave ANY eta. It will not start with this one 😛
  2. Allow them up to 24 hours 🙂
  3. Will do the giveaway after my league game XD Will edit who won soonish ^^ @qqq33288 you won ! You have 48 hours to claim your prize, if you fail to do it, i will reroll it ^^ !
  4. if you bought from resellers. please allow them up to 24 hours. If you wanted instant service, use BTC next time ^^
  5. No, but buy any LVL 1 cheat, it comes with spoofer
  6. 2 weeks, i forgot to add it in main thread 😂
  7. I have been a part of HC for 1 year now! Giveaway is pretty simple. 50$ HC Gift card so you can test one of our product! Rules- Drop a comment and you are in 🙂
  8. Its been requested to admins. No ETA for now. Time lost should be compensated
  9. Old thread, open a new one for your own questions folks 🙂 locking
  10. he has no VIP, so he can't see it 😛
  11. Graves


    Because we do not. Case close, we do not support keys on this website.
  12. As long as you have intel Virtualisation supported by the CPU, it should work fine. For installing windows and everything, we provide easy guides + tutorials. We also have a support team, that will help you if you respect them 😛
  13. Allow them up to 24 hours. If you wanted an instant activation, you should think about BTC. closed