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  1. You're using the cheat on your main account?..
  2. Vouch .. Purchased a Rust account for only $6!
  3. Well I was definitely one of those cheaters who got unbanned. BTW how is the Rust cheat doing nowadays? How often is it detected?
  4. So I haven't played Rust is months, maybe 6 months to be exact. I got banned so many times I just gave up on it and moved on. Anyways now I just checked my steam after weeks and I see I was unbanned? I have no idea why or how but I figured I should share it here. This might be a sign that I should cheat on Rust again?? http://awakenxd.pro/i/images/png/WXDPj
  5. Awooken


    I actually just noticed my alt steam account got banned around Oct 15th which was a month and a half ago. I had the cheat up until 10/5 and got banned on 10/15 it seems. Not sure what's up with that.
  6. How often is it getting detected now? I noticed right now it's under testing so I'm assuming it was recently detected? 2 months ago I had the level 1 and it got detected twice within the month I was using it which was pretty good from what others were telling me.
  7. Taking an entry in this! I have level 1 of Rust but would love to test out level 2.
  8. You should be getting it soon, when all the bitcoin confirmations went through I instantly got my VIP rank.
  9. This is my review of the Rust Level 1 cheat from HyperCheats. I was not paid or told by anyone to make this review and this is just to inform people looking to buy it in the near future. ESP: It is very simple and easy to use. You can't see item and other ESPs which come with the level 2 version of the cheat but that's fine. I appreciated how you can at least customize the distance for the ESP and disable/enable sleepers if you're in a popular server. I also did not experience any sort of frame drops or lag from using the ESP while playing on the best settings for Rust. Security: I purchased this yesterday(8/20/2018) and when I purchased it there was currently some issue with the loader going on from what I seen on their Discord server. A few hours later when everything was supposedly "fixed", I launched the cheat and started the game. I was playing for roughly 2 hours and then got banned.. When I mentioned this to a certain staff member, they claimed I got HWID banned previously and that I am not following the guides even though it was my first time using the cheat or any cheat for Rust for that matter. Finally 12-16 hours later they marked the Rust cheat as detected which is good I guess? All in all this is a pretty well made cheat but if it's going to be detected all the time then you're better off not wasting money on it, or any cheat for Rust really. If this cheat was always undetected like their PUBG one I would be willing to spend even double the amount just for the ESP alone. That's about it for my review, thank you for reading this.