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  1. HR-PUBG已经修复崩溃,蓝屏等问题,本人亲测,HR-APEX已经更新,但是还在测试阶段,HR-R6S更新完毕,修复所有问题,开卡dd1582684917
  2. mianbao


    You can contact the dealer to purchase using paypal
  3. Please check the latest purchase method~ it will be processed as soon as I go online. The normal order can be completed in a few minutes. If you encounter btc network abnormality, it may take some time.
  4. 6.20号HR-PUBG持续稳定第157天,HR-TD2持续稳定第55天,HR-R6S稳定第9个月,HR武装突袭3稳定第44天,开卡联系面包QQ1582684917,售后包满意
  5. 6.14号HR-PUBG持续稳定第151天,HR-TD2持续稳定第49天,HR-R6S稳定第9个月,HR武装突袭3稳定第38天,开卡联系面包QQ1582684917,售后包满意
  6. Please go to https://hypercheats.gg/store/ to check the price of the item you want to buy, then go to https://mianbao.selly.store/ to purchase the gift card of the corresponding price. Please pay attention to the e-mail after purchase, I will give the gift The card is sent to the mailbox you used when you purchased it.
  7. 6.11号HR-PUBG持续稳定第148天,HR-APEX持续稳定第67天,HR-TD2持续稳定第46天,HR-R6S稳定第9个月,HR武装突袭3稳定第35天,开卡联系面包QQ1582684917,售后包满意