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  1. If you plan to use paypal, please send it as a friend or family member, please fill in the note: your name, your email, voluntarily transfer XX dollars to [email protected], and I will not apply for any refund. Next is an example: mianbao, [email protected], I will voluntarily transfer $10 to [email protected] and will not apply for any refund. After your payment is completed, please send me a screenshot of your account and a screenshot of the transaction details. If you need help, check out the picture.:http://prnt.sc/os11eb and http://prnt.sc/os11kq
  2. ARMA3、PUBG、R6测试五天稳定了,需要购买联系我
  3. We are back at full green and everything is marked undetected again after several of our updates. Everyone got compensated for lost days of their subscription accordingly! This also means that if you are not VIP anymore, you may suddenly be a VIP again now and can enjoy your days using an undetected cheat.
  4. A guide for anyone that needs help formatting/setting up the USB: https://hypercheats.gg/topic/5256-running-loader-on-usb-guide