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  1. 目前HC锁定区域,就是你只能在特定的地区使用,比如在中国,使用任何VPN都是一样的效果,请各位认准我购买,别贪图便宜买了其他国家而不能使用,同时AMD处理器的用不了,切记,买错没有退款的,需要购买国外的卡密也可以找我. 中国地区总经销商:面包代理需要合作的可以联系我,HC所拥有的游戏都可以购买,需要的老板可以联系我〜联系我购买有三次免费解绑,论坛版没有解绑次数还要花钱! APEX全功能天140周350月710, PUBG全功能天110周280月710(单位人民币)论坛有的游戏也可以购买,价格一律按照官网价来走,QQ2047589033,YY号2490588308,购买联系我售后无忧〜 另外说一句,从我这买的卡密保证不会有问题,请官方同时认准经销商外面骗子真的非常多,我已经被逼到禁止你们出售残卡了 目前状态: APEX:正常使用 PUBG:正常使用(7.9号持续稳定第176天) R6S:正常使用(持续稳定11个月) RUST:正常使用 全境封锁2:正常使用 武装突袭3:正常使用 Dayz:正常使用 HWID欺骗(EAC):正常使用 HWID欺骗(BE):正常使用
  2. OFFICIAL TRUSTED HYPERCHEATS RESELLER - mianbao Payment Methods & How this works: 1.Please go to https://hypercheats.gg/store/ to check the price of the item you want to buy. 2.go to http://mianbaoshop.com/ to purchase the gift card of the corresponding price.(PS:As a dealer I need to charge an extra fee, please forgive me for my work.) 3. Please pay attention to the email address used for payment after purchase, I will send the gift card to your email address. 4.After you pay, I will purchase the Redemption Code for the corresponding price,Just open https://hypercheats.gg/store/, click on Redeem in the Gift Cards area, and activate the Redemption Code. 5.you will NOT be automatically receivingsub. must go into the store, select you cheat that wish to purchase, checkout and change the payment method to Account Credit. Change the billing address to US, you will not need to pay VAT. 6.Due to the time difference, I will be in the US Washington time from 10 pm to 11 am. Available payment methods: Paypal, WeChat Pay, AliPay,Bank Card,America Express , JBd.(Will support more payment methods as soon as possible.) All users who use credit/debit cards get a discount and the price is reduced by an average of $4! At the same time, please respect my sales, users of malicious refunds will take legal measures, thank you for your support! Agreement\TOS and about Refunds(BEFORE PURCHASE MAKE SURE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THIS!): Contact Information Contact me via the forum.
  3. 这些qq都被永久封号了,请联系yy,YY号2490588308,需要购买滴滴
  4. 带点脑子,如果是我他不会继续说?别刷屏
  5. If you have apple store recharge card, please contact me
  6. 610239564近日有这个qq的人在骗钱,各位自己睁大眼睛看清楚这是谁
  7. 610239564骗你的人是这个,这个不是我qq,明白了吗?
  8. HR服务器修复完毕,全体用户补时2天,更换新登录器,联系面包获取