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  1. I probably have around 15 accounts that are banned but i'm to lazy to check them
  2. I'm pretty sure they support every CPU that is intel
  3. You could turn off esp and play without as an alternative
  4. Also just to make sure you can't change email and password on these accounts?
  5. Im currently selling my rainbow six siege account which you can change the email and password of, you can also connect 2fa to play ranked. Payments Price Paypal: 21€ Bitcoin 28€ Screenshots: https://i.imgur.com/Ea5v2Wt.png https://i.imgur.com/hKy7OLn.png If you have any questions in general or regarding the account contact me here on the website. Kind regards, P0lar.
  6. Youtube is your best friend 🙂
  7. Yeah taking risks like that isn't worth and won't work in the long run. ty for giving me answers quick. Kind regards.
  8. Okey I have been waiting for confirmation for about an hour now and still nothing has happened.
  9. Well this tells all https://i.imgur.com/LaVAKoz.png idk i'll contact them again then I guess
  10. Well I already talked to them they said that the payment should have gone through by now, which it did https://i.imgur.com/x7Qy0vR.png
  11. Well I already know that, but I hate people that literally comes to threads to steal them while then not really having the issue. the guy didn't even wait before he wrote asking for support. I did, so I wouldn't really call that being selfish, if he really had the issue it wouldn't be annoying at all for me. Also im not trying to put pressure on the staffs I have patience waiting so there's no problem with that part.
  12. So when will it be? or will it ever be? because on my side it says that the bitcoin is confirmed for as of now. it didn't yesterday night but now it does.
  13. Obviously not, but since there was an issue on coinpayments side the payment didn't proceed within those 2 hours and 30 minutes yesterday, and it still says that my payment is pending which it isn't I paid yesterday for the r6 cheat 1 week. https://i.imgur.com/swu8O16.png @slav Payment id: CPDC2XHFPT9KIMDEB7RSPTQEAI
  14. @FizZ @Synth Can I get support, Okey so it seems like the payment has gone through but I haven't received my sub yet, the confirmation of the bitcoins was like some hours ago
  15. Don't steal threads because you might have the same issue, start an own thread.
  16. What issues could there be?
  17. I use localbitcoins as my btc wallet, and okey I totally missunderstood that then
  18. Well I don't use blockchain so can't increase the bitsize I guess it's automated based on how big the value is
  19. I'm selling an overwatch account which has the rank master. Rank: Master Elo: 3506 Credits: 1400 Competitive Points: 1840 Level: 63 https://i.imgur.com/SvX2Uba.png https://i.imgur.com/a5RPM7l.png The account does have the blizzard authenticator so when you've purchased the account I will help you remove it. Kind regards, P0lar.
  20. The price on PA is almost the same as what of i've put it at, also there isn't a problem for me to boost up that account to gm for the same price, just thought that I wanted to sell the account fast as I don't need it. Even if you buy things from PA the seller still has the capability of "recalling" the account also I wouldn't risk my HC account to get banned for scamming, my name would be getting more popular and popular by time and no one would trust me so please tell me why would I scam?