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  1. Hard to believe, i would bet more on RAM, CPU/GPU, network card.
  2. Cheat is not undetected right?
  3. You can no longer buy level 1. Devs decided to sell lvl2 only at cheaper price.
  4. This is a product review section which means people expect a review from somebody which used the cheat. In other words nobody cares if you wanna be a VIP or not. Thread locked.
  5. Good answer. @phantomdancer if you need help contact your re-seller, he should give you a hwid reset, we only deal with VIP.
  6. @SelfAdvertsiting Disable overlay on Origin and it won't crash anymore, also your FPS will increase substantially. @EdyOS Nobody ask you anything? looking for post count?
  7. massfrosty


    It's all good, yes we still have hwid spoofer.
  8. Fast heal is disable as it crash the game , it's a known issue, avoid using fast healing ATM as there were some reports of account banning after using it. The Big heli is not in our ESP list but it will be with next updates.
  9. You can enable disable certain options from menu by pressing "home" button on your keyboard. If you have dynamic IP don't waste your money on VPN's just restart router/modem and you will get a new IP, if not go for a VPN. I advice you buy the cheat , buy rust account , run the cheat, press OK to hwid spoofer, then run steam and game. Have Fun!
  10. "The hack says I'm banned" dude are you sure you use HyperCheats and not something else? It's pretty hard to understand what's your problem more exactly, but i will try to guess this time , let's see!!! I think you have HWID changed issue? And that happen because you use hwid spoofer so your hwid change , then you open the loader again on same windows session and guess what, your hwid is different from previews spoof, then you get hwid lock, in other words you spoof your own spoofer?! Beside that , if you purchase from re-seller then contact him , you are his customer not ours. Request from your re-seller a hwid change.
  11. You already submit a ticket to support, now just wait.
  12. How the hell did you do that? Ok, open a ticket i will assign a dev to you , make sure you put there all payment details so we can confirm it's paid. @Drogo Problems in paradise.
  13. First of all you are not VIP. If you purchased from our store then wait for blockchain confirmations ( blockchain require 3 confirmations until payment go thru then you get VIP status) If you purchase from a re-seller then you must contact the re-seller we have nothing to do with it, it's between you and re-seller.
  14. Ok, Thank you for report we will look into it and let you know about the status.