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  1. This is not possible, and HC will never support AMD or other type of processor beside Intel.
  2. massfrosty


    I think Your questions were answered. If you have other concerns or questions please open a new thread or just contact Support. Thread locked.
  3. I just edit your post. Please read market rules, All deals must be done thru Hypercheats forum, post or PM. Thank you for understanding.
  4. @andypekaaa, contact between seller and buyer must be done thru HC, it's not allowed for you to grab customers on discord or anywhere else. I will not give you any warn point this time, consider this as a warning And you @killmenow, stop posting defamatory content on people marketplace threads, just report it, this is the best way to take action against it.
  5. Yo how come when i try to buy thr 8usd version., it makes me pay 17$?


    1. massfrosty


      bitcoin fee, also if you decide to purchase from re-seller there is another fee (re-seller fee)

    2. Uzendayooo


      Where can I get it with paypal without having to pay a reseller fee then? 

    3. massfrosty


      Nowhere, you buy it from HC store with bitcoin or from-reseller with other payment methods like paypal.

  6. Why would i use that when i have Hypercheats NoRecoil? Beside that, there is a high chance to get banned using this scripts, I've seen someone got banned during live twitch and he was very known rust player. This thread is locked and next time you wish to post this type of files request approval. Thank you.
  7. Dude. Good job, i advice you keep doing it, in the end you will become a strong pillar of HC.
  8. You need glasses ? As @Naton said check status , it say testing not undetected.
  9. https://hypercheats.gg/status/
  10. Loader is working now, as for compensation we are talking about 1 hour, what compensation you want? Thread closed.
  11. can u check my latest post please


    1. massfrosty


      Which is?

  12. Thank you @Naton. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns, you can can also find us on discord. Thread Closed.
  13. Well, sorry to hear that. Get a intel CPU and have fun!
  14. Nice song, good job, keep it like that.
  15. Contact re-sellers, Blue named members.