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  1. That intro dude!! Make my day, thank you. I can't wait for more videos from you, please pm me link next time in case i miss the thread.
  2. Joined Wednesday at 02:29 PM Trolls everywhere, beside that, it was funny.
  3. Thanks for review buddy. If i had at least 10 community members like you everyday, my lifespan could increase by a lot.
  4. No, but i would be mad on my brain. Why to be mad on devs? When cheat works for everybody or at least for brain users, it means there is something wrong on my side right? How about we figure out wtf is happening? It's so easy to say "fix your shittt mannn" , " stupid devsss", you just make me wanna upload my signature again so you guys understand what "Retard" mean. Edit: There you go. Now tell to your friend to wait for rust to be updated for new patch then pm me (Game update , not detection, just to be clear)
  5. massfrosty


    Thank you for the answer. Thread closed.
  6. OK, basically nothing fucking works for him right? Then tell to your friend to pm me and i will fix it for him, i don't think using a 3rd person will get his things done, is he shy? Also, if your friend is not a VIP but a key user, tell him to contact his own re-seller. My best bet is that he forgot to follow the guide.
  7. I guess this thread spread some drama. Let me fix it. Closed!.
  8. respond to my conversation

    1. Antimatter990


      hello im interested in purchasing how do i use the cheat clint

    2. massfrosty


      Buy and follow the guide

  9. I already know your issue , i don't even need more info about it , and i can't read Russian. Get Windows 1809 , you are using 1803 or 1903.
  10. Well you have Support ticket system now, beside that this thread is open in a wrong sections, Suggestion section is only for Suggestions. I will move this thread to general and lock it, please open a support ticket which give you a better help.
  11. massfrosty

    Profile Banner!

    This new signature is epic
  12. massfrosty

    Profile Banner!

    Interesting. One for me too please? Why won't you create a service for that? Ask for a small amount for a coffee and you create avatar and signatures.
  13. Still waiting to be informed @Seven77.
  14. It will be undetected when it will be undetected, makes sense? Asking everyday same question over and over won't make your cheat undetected but just make me wanna troll you.