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  1. Your question make's no sense. It have everything you need to cheat in that game. It have some issue as i heard but devs will fix it in few days for sure.
  2. Relax , devs always compensate.
  3. I got 2 weeks without ban on rust. I'm playing on modded servers like andy.solam. So the status "testing" is good right now. You must understand the difference between detected and testing. If you want my profile for steam just pm me.
  4. Once they decide to stop using the cheat, they couldn't fix this issue even if they reinstall windows for some reason, or they can't reinstall windows because they have some kind of "homework" there or whatever. Using this method, they can fix it once their sub expire, if they get VIP again loader will cancel it again and so on.
  5. Finally so many souls crying for this Windows Activation Bullshit. Now it's fixed thanks to @The1, let's see what other reasons you guys find to cry. I will pin this.
  6. If you purchase it now , via HC store, once the blockchain confirm the payment (3 confirmations) you get VIP status and 24h time to play (if you wanna buy only for 1 day).
  7. He act like this is HC fault. But i can just guess a thousand reasons on why you get hwid error, let me say just few. 1. You run the loader twice on same windows session while you had spoofer on. 2.The PC you are using now is different then the one you sign up with. 3.You change/add/remove any component from your motherboard. 4.You use test loader and then get back to normal loader or vice versa. Etc. Try to figure out why you get Hwid error, on the road you did something stupid for sure. A hwid reset worth some bucks you know? At least to pay dev a coffee for the time he spent to hwid reset you, but you got it for free even if the hwid error occur as a result of your own actions. You are like Arabs, you invite him in your Country to give him food and after he eat, he will take your wife hostage. End of Story. Thread Lock!.
  8. Funny song when you combine it with your video dude.
  9. Don't use Europe Country. Because they are hungry. Choose a country without VAT.
  10. Can you give us more details? Are this accounts hacked , or just pm me with more details.
  11. Buying the l33t is a step forward for trust rank.
  12. That's wrong, L33t is a cheat package. To get access on private cheats you must get "Trusted".
  13. You can buy the cheapest cheat from HC Store and use HWID spoofer only.
  14. You need a wife , and 2 girl friends. If you have that , PM Graves.
  15. I just PM you with link.