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  1. I guess this thread spread some drama. Let me fix it. Closed!.
  2. respond to my conversation

    1. Antimatter990


      hello im interested in purchasing how do i use the cheat clint

    2. massfrosty


      Buy and follow the guide

  3. I already know your issue , i don't even need more info about it , and i can't read Russian. Get Windows 1809 , you are using 1803 or 1903.
  4. Well you have Support ticket system now, beside that this thread is open in a wrong sections, Suggestion section is only for Suggestions. I will move this thread to general and lock it, please open a support ticket which give you a better help.
  5. massfrosty

    Profile Banner!

    This new signature is epic
  6. massfrosty

    Profile Banner!

    Interesting. One for me too please? Why won't you create a service for that? Ask for a small amount for a coffee and you create avatar and signatures.
  7. Still waiting to be informed @Seven77.
  8. It will be undetected when it will be undetected, makes sense? Asking everyday same question over and over won't make your cheat undetected but just make me wanna troll you.
  9. I think @hexzz answer to this very clearly. If you have any request , open a support ticket, don't spam with defame content. Testing? YES You will get banned during testing? YES Compensation? NO, we made this to discourage purchases during testing so we avoid crying babies just like you. I understand your frustration , but next time focus and pay attention to forum. You are happy to see someone more stupid then you are? I don't understand , trust me I'm trying. Thread Closed.
  10. i feel like i wanna troll someone, i do my best to avoid this feeling.
  11. After you purchase Apex cheat lvl2 (Recommended), you will have to follow a guide then download the loader, run it and have fun. If you can't follow the guide alone don't worry we have a dedicated team for support, all you have to do is to open a Support Ticket. Let me know if you have other questions or concerns. @masequay
  12. Thread clean, i also sent you a PM please read it careful and do the changes required. Thank you for your interest in HC marketplace and wish you good luck. @JorenX
  13. This is not possible, and HC will never support AMD or other type of processor beside Intel.
  14. massfrosty


    I think Your questions were answered. If you have other concerns or questions please open a new thread or just contact Support. Thread locked.
  15. I just edit your post. Please read market rules, All deals must be done thru Hypercheats forum, post or PM. Thank you for understanding.