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  1. Go look through all the market place threads! Theres some great deals there
  2. Hey I am selling off all my hyper coins at a reduced price. I am willing to do 150$ usd PayPal or 130$ usd with btc. Contact me if interested !
  3. Shout out to the devs behind all this and the mods and admins keeping it under control! You guys are great. Also thanks for the giveaway Fizz
  4. First of all u dont know ether I'm guessing so dont judge me for trying to help someone that I thought I new that it would work and I'm still 95% sure itl be fine. Il consider the question more next time I go to respond.
  5. Sorry about that sir. I thought it would work with every game. To be 100% sure as Alberto and synth said wait till devs confirm
  6. It will for sure work as It spoofs all of the bannable pc components. Also if you play on a vpn if that's allowed your fine. If your really worried u can do a complete reformatt before hand
  7. Yea. Since it spoofs all your hardware you will be able to play again on a new account
  8. Good decision. Was thinking this was gonna happen sooner or later. Keep up the good work