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  1. gz https://i.gyazo.com/c286a7a190f7b8cb349cc9ccb53d8465.mp4
  2. Please ignore the guy adove, even the admins agreed with me. Anyways CSGO has been added (Accounts are created BY me)
  3. You said you changed pw on the first account so i thought you did with the second aswell. read the description next time lol "You will get a replacement only if the account is banned, have 2fa or is linked to steam." If admins doesnt agree with me i will refund you. Why do you think the accounts are so cheap?
  4. Im waiting for my partner to supply me with those. also @OP added example screenshot for fortnite!
  5. changed to giveaway accounts with skins instead
  6. ur post is your entry number All accounts im going to giveaway will have skins on em. There will be 1 winner, will end it on the 4th like this post else u gay
  7. Only 2 r6 accounts left The division also added!
  8. aight, i would list them for 1€ but selly takes fat fee 😞
  9. updated stock, did you change password on them though? Lasts longer if you dont afaik
  10. enjoy https://i.gyazo.com/bc2b28250de456390e338ccaac433046.mp4 sending in pm
  11. ur post number is your entry ends in 30 minutes giving away 3 random uplay accounts with random games example account : https://i.gyazo.com/03f2b5f2a6c7e27b502df727516a942c.jpg