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    True, all depending on wallets used ig, most public wallets require your ID information to prevent that exact issue, however there are plenty of wallets through Dark Web sources that are completely untraceable if im not wrong, at least Ive found a few wallets that ask for 0 personal information upon creation.
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    Crypto currency is untraceable and unrefundable. A lot of reasons behind not accepting paypal. If they were able to be traced back the site itself could possibly get sued for providing malicious software to players (Not 100% sure about that, but is very well possible) It also makes it so if people get mad if they get banned while cheating it doesnt mean they can just turn around and refund it. So for security reasons, they dont accept paypal.
  3. Always keep in mind that there is a lot more going on with the game while a cheat is injected, and it wont always run the same in order to avoid detection. Which could cause more lag issues than normal.
  4. You can never tell, sometimes its the moment the next patch is released, sometimes its within a week, i've gone over a month and a half without being banned. It's only a matter until EAC devs catch on to their current bypass and update it.
  5. They are resellers, there is no way of telling when you will get it because its not an automated system.
  6. There are already a few smaller cheat software's that are in development for it, but im sure they will drop out once EAC or BE gets implemented, I was using some during the beta
  7. RazeXC

    Rust cheat

    Well, as unfortunate as it is, all resellers take that risk in aim for profit
  8. RazeXC

    Rust cheat

    Removes my comment offering to middleman for you just because im not an official reseller. Their rates are ridiculous anyway
  9. Never go into a cheat thinking you are 100% safe, and never use your main, or an alt without the HWID spoofer active. Any use of a cheat runs a risk of a ban, period, even if you cheat while the cheat is considered "Undetected" It may seem undetected but in reality BattleEye already knows your cheating and is waiting for a larger ban wave to hit more of the people in this community using that cheat. TL;DR Dont cheat if you dont want to get banned
  10. That would be quite a pointless system if all parts were flagged/banned. This would result in bans solely off of a sold part as well. Which could mean simply buying used parts would put you at risk of a HWID ban
  11. Just a question about Rust HWID Bans. In the near future I am looking to buy new CPU and Ram. I know Rust is a bit invasive with their Anti Cheat would those 2 parts be enough to get around my HWID ban? I would assume it would require more than that. But in the case that it will be enough it would mean I can stop paying for spoofers. Let me know!
  12. Any plans to make this spoofer a seperate purchase? Cause i would buy it
  13. Any bans within 2-3 hours is a HWID ban, I played for 4 hours on a detected cheat once. Most bans are delayed other than HWID bans
  14. I lost 3 days of my sub because of a loader update, do i get compensation? Im not the only person that repeatedly has this issue either, which means I lost 1/2 of my $75 sub that i paid for 😕 Any way I can get something in return?