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  1. I get this error https://imgur.com/a/ccHFHdM Could you please help me.
  2. After the cheat did some changes to my pc my digital windows license got lost. When I try to activate it back by pressing troubleshoot I get an error. It's very frustrating having this "Activate Windows'' logo at the bottom right on the screen. How do I activate my official license back?
  3. I tested like over10+ accounts playing different rustafied servers ( spoofing, changing ip and mac address included ) I get eac ban approximately from 1-5h without even killing anyone staying inside base doing nothing. How that is not detected? If you play modded servers you should not even bother or confuse anyone writing about detection status as most of them have low protection and different plugins.
  4. -5 accs today, why dont u write that cheat is detected? Its so obvious, everyone who I know using lvl2 is getting ban without even killing anyone...
  5. Got 4 accounts banned today without even killing anyone. When will be the update?
  6. Who wants to team up and play on rustafied server add me on discord Rus#9999.
  7. getting disconnect from using fast heal too =(
  8. Thanks for replying. Good to know. Could you please also add russian language for the nicknames? There are so many russians in game and cheat shows only symbols as their nicknames which is so confusing.
  9. When turning option "fast pick up" in Rust I am getting disconnect from game and cant run it anymore until I reboot. How to use this function?