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  1. Yes it is, & awesome! Just let me know how many you'd like to purchase 🙂
  2. Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Coupons Original/Spicy Price: Currently offering $1.50 per sandwich. Can do deals on orders of 50+ Savings: A Chick-Fil-A sandwich costs $3.80 after tax. So say you buy 10, you'll be paying $15 instead of $38. I'm sure you can do the math on the amount you want to buy. Bulk: If you want to do bulk deals let me know how many & we can make a deal.
  3. This is the cheapest I’ve seen them sold for, I will refer people here for now on when the ask where to buy rust accounts.
  4. Johnsmith

    About Johnsmith

    Thanks everyone, glad this was clarified! I appreciate the kind words. Hopefully all goes well & I can return as a re-seller, as for now I'll just go forward as offering help to anyone who needs it on here. Thanks again!
  5. I will handle this, PayPal had a hold on it for almost two weeks and had to call. I’ve also been out of town this week so haven’t had much time to check here. I will be fixing this problem.
  6. And also give the re seller time to respond as we also have lives too. Spamming our inbox doesn’t make the process go faster 🙂
  7. Johnsmith


    I specifically state I will only be using Venmo now. It’s the same as PayPal.
  8. I don’t care if he buys through the site, just wanted to aware him of the wait.
  9. Yes, but the only problem with this is you’ll be waiting some time before you will be able to purchase it. @Predict1