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    @Dave1777 Can you do me one please ? xD colour theme similar/same as Hypercheats
  2. You dont need an understanding of bitcoin to be able to purchase with it. I use coinbase for example, I have my credit card linked to it so i can just add funds to it like what you can do with paypal for various types of crypto. When you go to purchase something in the store It gives you a wallet address thats linked with your purchase that you have to send btc to. Its very simple. You can just youtube how to purchase bitcoin also if you are unsure. But if you are prefer other payment methods then like die said, contact a reseller (marked blue). You can find information about them in the forums.
  3. hexzz

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    They look great, nice work 😀
  4. Just to be on the safe side If you are cheating and also playing on a main on the same pc I would change your IP between accounts and delete your steam userdata. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata (this is if you are using steam on your C drive). You don't want to accidentally get your main banned due to some sort of trace.
  5. No, but you can just buy the cheapest cheat we have and have access to the spoofer.
  6. We encourage people with an active sub who are happy to possibly lose accounts to test as it helps. Those who don't can just wait for it to be fixed and compensation to be given. We don't ask people to purchase during testing, we do the opposite actually. We have it clearly posted on the forums and the FAQ, it's a choice that users make. If they wan't to purchase when its testing thats fine, they don't want to wait until its undetected thats fine, the games are still updated and playable. Don't try and ask for compensation or complain about bans though. Which is what this post is about.
  7. hexzz


    No ETA on these sorts of things unfortunately
  8. You will not receive any sort of compensation due to your own negligence. We do not force you to burn though accounts, that is your choice and your choice only. We have clearly stated that if you purchase a cheat when its testing/detected you will not be compensated. Only if the cheat is undetected when the purchase is made. Your situation is unfortunate and it's not good that you are in it, but you have yourself to blame for that.
  9. No it won't lol. Watever you use to buy your bitcoins will take money from your card/account. Once you purchase something you will receive an invoice that has a BTC wallet address you have you send your BTC to.
  10. Im not sure what you mean, rust is detected so I would recommend not using it.
  11. No, we will never support fortnite
  12. Well dont play again without a spoofer you will get banned again otherwise xD
  13. ^ if you used a spoofer you would have been fine