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  1. Three hours without bans, well done!
  2. Ok, i`ll try to buy hacked steam acc and test too.
  3. I understand that the Rust cheat is detected now, but what is the average time of being banned after launching the game with the cheat? I would like to have answers from players who were using it during the last week.
  4. Almost any cheat gives the ability to see where the cupboard is through walls (esp), for it you need lvl 1 Rust, if you want to fly with your camera through anything, it is called admin mode or debug camera, so you need lvl 2 Rust. If cheat isnt detected even if you drill to the loot, possibility of being banned is close to zero if you use only camera and esp. No cheat providers will give you compensation as i know. accounts with cost like 2 dollars are hacked ones and usually last for 1-2 days, you can buy them at lolzteam website.