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  1. I wanna state that I am very happy to have found a very stable and very safe APEX chair, and appreciate the help from other members in the community helping me zero in on a crash-free game. I wanted to know how do I get this to be styyreamproof? I used this chair back in the day where it was streamproof on OBS and now I'm noticing that it isn't, and after reviewing the features, its not crossed out, so I assume maybe I'm doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. All,


    1. Looking to get back into PUBG. I haven't played it in about a year and the PC I'm on is brand new (also recently moved) so I cannot think of anything currently that would make me show up in any HWID Database between Hardware and IP's

    I cannot currently see the PUBG forums because I haven't bought it yet, but from the Devs or those who use the Hyper Product and haven't been banned, what are some key tips in not getting manual banned. I'm familiar with not following people through walls, and do not run directly towards good loot. I'd appreciate the help

  3. I had Apex and PUBG for a bit, and after many attempts, I was able to get Apex to work on OBS but when I was trying to get PUBG to work, I was told streaming PUBG had to be fixed. It's been a few months, curious to see if it has been resolved

  4. I've seen a lot of posts of people complaining about the inability to use OBS when Streamproofing. I'll list my steps as best I can

    1. Follow the guides provided by HC Dev's for getting ready to use cheatos

    2. First thing after booting computer, load loader, and select Apex Lvl 1 or 2 (doesn't matter if you use HWID Spoof or not)

    3. Open other apps, (discord, OBS, Origin) I do these all in non-admin

    3a. Check your Game Capture options...when "use anti-cheat compatibility hook " is checked, there will be another option below it that says hook rate, I use Slow

    4. Load Apex and configure cheato (Doesn't seem to matter how soon or later you click the button to streamproof, it will work most of the time

    This has worked 90% of the time for me, and if it crashes, just reload Apex and try again. Days that it has failed sometimes I have to reload Apex ten times and it works

    Winver = 17763.316

    OBS = 23.0.1

    NVIDIA Graphics - 419.35

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  5. there is a small lag from when you buy an HWID reset to when it's "applied"


    i had to wait about ten minutes after purchase before the loader went through the reset. I did a computer restart too...try this and report back