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  1. Qyrie


    Im interested to buy a pubg subcription with paypal too
  2. Good video but, can you show us some "legit" gameplay ? on a vanilla server for example
  3. Qyrie

    banrate ?

    can you get banned if you inject only one time on a account?
  4. Qyrie

    banrate ?

    I just plan to buy the ESP (lvl1), it's all I need. It's the same ? well if it's 3-4 weeks Im sure about getting banned every months ?
  5. Qyrie

    banrate ?

    like, how many times between the last detection ?
  6. Qyrie

    banrate ?

    Hi, I wanted to know (if possible) how is the banrate for PUBG? Like 1 week or 2? The admin team compensate for the time lost on our subcription ?