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  1. Holy fuck lmao, dude I'd be scared. He pays his lawyer 100k (half his yearly "income") you're fucked
  2. You have to realize, their goal isn't to RUIN the game
  3. I can get itunes codes, what % are you looking to pay?
  4. Weird how I'm still doing fine lmfao sit down
  5. Weird, if it were detected I'm pretty sure I'd be banned. Still going in 6 days hmm
  6. NO, do NOT use the spoofer. It is detected. If you are HWID banned I'd recommend you out source for a spoofer by another provider until Hyper's spoofer is up and running
  7. DM me with a BTC address, I'll buy 2 to test them out right now.
  8. What are the odds the account will be taken back by the owner, are they inactive?