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  1. The guy above you responded too is dming people trying to get them to download a free cheat, probably a RAT https://imgur.com/a/I2eXXEe
  2. I don't use the cheat or anything but has there been a game update? Its possible that an update broke it but maybe not.
  3. You clearly misunderstand what a vouch is, I have accounts on numerous forums that I can't name as per the rules but vouches is when someone gives their product / service for FREE to one or two members in return for a vouch or review. I have extensive history of selling and vouching for other people's products and this is not the way you want to do it. Because people want to see that its legit BEFORE they give in their money.
  4. Hey there! I sell onedrive accounts that have 1TB of storage space and are owned by you! It can have any password you want as long as it meets the security requirements (caps and all that) and you will be the only one who uses it. You can also use things like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint but ONLY the web based ones, however they are the same as the apps just not on your computer... 🙂 These are great for storing extra files you have, videos, images, literally anything you want! Especially good for if you are reinstalling windows or transferring files. These accounts are made by me so its all safe and I won't be taking any back, they are made with disposable email addresses! Here are some of my threads from the past with reps and vouches: Shop one Shop two Shop three Shop four I take Paypal, and most Cryptos for this, however Paypal is through F&F only! Contact me on this thread or send me a PM for more information or questions! 2 Vouch copies for support/lead support members and any staff! 2/2 remain. Price: € 2 Bulk (5 accounts): € 7
  5. Cracked r6 accounts can't play ranked unless they have email access which would make it a full access account.
  6. Lots of other EFT cheats were detected just a few days ago, seems BSG and Battleye are cracking down on them. However it is Battleye so I hope they will give it a go, will get a HUGE and i mean HUGE audience which means $$$$ especially if it is feature rich. The game has been blowing up recently with tens of thousands of concurrent players and I think it broke a record of over one hundred thousand players at one time
  7. I think there are some issues with a few of the cheats, but Drogo just posted today how the devs are coming back and are more active. They have been away for a while so if there is any issues it should be resolved very soon. If the cheat is not working as intended, once it is fixed you get compensated so don't worry.
  8. Oh i do as well, just hasn't seemed good for a while. Its a shame but I hope they are just very busy IRL
  9. Doesn't seem like they're coming back any time soon unfortunately. Might be the end, who knows 😕
  10. Testers are / were just people that bought cheats frequently and told the devs how well they're going. However Hypercheats seems to be in a bad state and doesn't seem like devs are either able to work or are starting to give up on their business. 😕
  11. Would love to see your proof. OG Skull + Renagade raider + Aerial assault +120 skins is way more than £50 Especially if its actually yours and have OG email. Seems suspicious to me but do as you wish lad
  12. No your account stays banned. It means you are safe to play on another account without your hwid being tracked