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  1. To start it off, this cheat and the cheats HC provides are amazing. While setting up this cheat which I hadn't done in quite a while i encountered one or two problems, one of them that i fixed myself, and another I had help with from the community and support. This is probably one of the easiest to use, yet brings such good quality and is satisfactory ALL of the time. The Aimbot, well it works wonders if I do say so myself, now I'll also be honest and keep the cockiness down but I don't really need it, having played games on a PC for about 4-5 years now my aim is pretty good, but of course, if you have aimbot, well why not use it! Its so easy to configure and it looks really legit when you find a good smoothing for your own preference. The ESP is good, I think it would be nice to have more options to customise it a bit more to our own style, but hey, it works, and doesn't cause performance issues, so I will not complain what so ever. The menu overall is so easy to use, however i do find that if you open the menu at different times you can end up shooting while enabling features (maybe i was doing something wrong). Its small and compact so it doesn't suddenly pop up and ruin your view of things if you are editing settings during a round. The last thing I have to say is that for the people that are always here saying "oh the cheat doesn't work" or "its always detected" with all due respect, you are the people that need to take your time and do some of your own research before you assume things that other people have said on other providing forums. I won't name any but I've seen so many people complain because someone on another forum offers their "private cheat" for a lower price. Which is almost likely a scam or very unstable or possibly even malware. I used the level one cheat of r6s a long time ago and since then there were no problems for me with any aspect of HyperCheats. I really recommend this and every other cheat to anyone looking at this site, yes its a bit of money, but you have to respect that the devs are a small team who provide insane cheats of good quality, in some of what I believe to be the hardest games to actually get cheats working for. I'm no elon musk but when I have the money I will throw more of it at this site and its team. Hopefully this review will change some people's negative views! Have a good day everyone!
  2. You are exactly right, elitepvp members are just salty "private cheat" sellers who are trying to make money. They either sell pasted shit or just straight up scam you. Thats why people get mad, yes they complain about cheats getting detected. But that is what happens to public cheats, yet these are of the highest quality and aren't detected that often to be honest. Pretty much any other forums talk crap on HC but they haven't even tested the cheats themselves.
  3. This is slightly incorrect and I can confirm that you will still be hardware banned though. Infact EAC only keeps your hardware information for around 3-5 months, reason being there would be so much information they probably couldn't store it or something. I know this as a fact because i was hardware banned from rust almost a year ago on this very same pc with absolutely NO hardware changes, same hard rive and ssd or whatever ( NOTHING HAS CHANGED). I tried to play again and got banned, 8 months pass and i bought it again and was able to play for months until i used some shitty scripts i bought before i found HC, this got me banned after about a week, i was banned in November in which I was able to play AGAIN in February with the same IP and hardware STILL, to this day I have the same hardware and IP and in about a month or two I will be able to play rust again legit of course. I am in no way fabricating this I can send links to my profiles in which i was banned on rust, in fact I got banned like the other week for trying a bit early. But I can assure you they take you off the auto search list or however it works after about 4 months from your last ban. I do not care what anyone else has said, I have done this twice. TL:DR you will probably be able to play but i would give it another month depending on what date you were banned. Im not bullshitting here either i can actually send you accounts and screenshots of when they were banned and their play times. But for sure you will be able to play in December.
  4. I have a few points to make for you: How obvious did you play? I believe pubg has something that when you get a certain amount of kills and accuracy/headshots you are automatically put on a watch list. Or something a long those lines. Also have you made sure you are on the correct windows version etc and followed the setup guide that should be provided to you buy your re-seller. Just because one person gets banned does not mean they will set the status to detected, because unless LOADS of people report bans then there is no reason to assume its detected.
  5. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to offer you any cheats here other than hypercheats, if anyone does dm you they are most likely scammers, the majoirty of "private cheats" that are sold now on forums are scams or malware most commonly rats or keyloggers. I suggest to you that you wait for rust to become undetected here and then purchase. This is because, again, anyone who pms you now is trying to scam you or do malicious things, and thats all will happen if you go to any other forum.
  6. ^ what this boyo said. But pssssssst Router... hes a key user
  7. Now selling a fortnite account with some very good skins on it. This is also cracked but the owner has not played on it in over a month! $4 for it https://gyazo.com/cdb550a9aeed90e5e12d71f0f8a917d7
  8. No you do not have to own the game already i can give you an account with r6s but you can currently only play casual as it is not full access, but nordvpn i can sell you easily Im also out of airvpn accounts now anyway i need to restock
  9. With all due respect, you are being silly, HC has one of the best and fastest development teams I have ever seen when it comes to cheat providers. Literally any other public rust cheat you will find probably takes months to get their cheat UD again. Yes, the rust cheat is potentially detected, but you have to understand that this is a public platform and that EAC is a VERY ADVANCED company and have lots of techniques and equipment etc to counter cheats. so this is what the development team have to fight against, bare in mind the devs are like 4-5 members i dont even know, where as EAC is a Pretty big anti cheat company with lots of experience. If you came here expecting to find a cheat that will NEVER be detected, then you must have no common sense when it comes to cheating in games.
  10. Unfortunately you have to be patient with resellers, they are not robots, they, as well as you, have to eat; sleep, exercise, piss, poop, shower, drink etc. Also please take into consideration that they do get LOTS of messages and customers due to so many people not having BTC. They are either not online/awake or are very busy. You won't get by in life without patience my friend.
  11. Thanks for clearing that, that is exactly where i saw this post, i mean i cant prove that you actually do own that account, but at least you are able to pin point the exact forum and name that i saw it from. Thanks
  12. Well thats why i asked, because there was a guy on here before offering some bo4 service, but then i found the exact same text on another forums and turned out someone stole it from the guy here to scam. Was just wondering cause i've found the exact same text of this somewhere else and its posted by someone with a VERY different username, but wondering if you would like to tell me what site and name you go by there. Only questioning to keep people safe essentially.
  13. Just out of curiosity, do you go by any other names on other hacking forums?
  14. No problem... but he said the same thing as me anyway? xd
  15. Seems like you offer a nice service, the only issue is that you need to keep all deals and discussions on the forums through pm's. This is to prevent scamming in the case that someone is scammed, the staff cant do much if its not through the site. Please bare this in mind. No i am not saying you are a scammer, but if you look through other marketplace posts i make this point on all of them, for the benefit of anyone reading this.