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  1. Ah okay, my apologies, I could have sworn when it was created they said it got you access to the private ones just you had to pay for them after as well. Maybe I'm wrong so never mind
  2. Buying l33t does unlock and show you the available private cheats. The private cheats, however, require further payment. Buying l33t gets you free access to all of the current public cheats if i remember correctly
  3. Oh lol ive heard of .edu what is that? is it a specific email thing or you actually get them with schools etc. Ive heard people sell those emails but i never knew what it was
  4. I was really surprised when I found it because it's so worth it. But unfortunately, I don't need it because I already use Kaspersky. Being a student gets you so much its amazing. You can do it for yourself if you can get a hold of a student email. BUT you have to know a college/ school that is good with a site called "Student Beans" to get the code
  5. Hey there, I am a student currently and have found a semi-secret discount on Malwarebytes. A 4-year subscription for one device would cost roughly $150, however, with my student discount it is $5. I will sell my code however it is single-use so it is first come, first served. Price is $10, I mean, $15 total for a 4-year sub of Malwarebytes? Absolute bargain if you ask me. I don't need it since I already own a long license. But I don't want it to go to waste, so I am offering it for sale. PP and BTC are accepted! https://gyazo.com/e74a0e2795f7ae0db7d29f44085c85e9
  6. Please @43nigthawks43 and @Tweety_xyz both message me with "nordvpn giveaway" subject, i can only send 3 messages per day, i am awarding everyone with an account because i forgot about my own giveaway, the other people have been awarded but I have hit message limit of the day
  7. @Graves can you close this? I give everyone an account now i completely forgot i hosted the giveaway, I am messaging all of the people who commented here a working account. My bad
  8. OH my god i completely forgot i hosted the giveaway! I am so sorry, everyone who entered correctly will get an account, its not fair i made you wait this long. So so sorry
  9. It's unfortunate for you to look at it this way, let me give you a few points. 1. When they started a business or ANYONE starts a business, is the aim NOT to get the money? Hello? 2. The reason they have support members and moderators is so that they can concentrate on the actual development of the products?? 3. It sounds a bit like you were trying to get something out of your helpfulness... if the platform is losing active members and you are leaving because there is fewer people to help, it sounds like you were just trying to ride your way to lead support/moderator for some subscriptions. Maybe this isn't the case, but you sure as hell make it seem that way. When you are so good at doing what you do, of course, you are going to try and get as much out of it as you can, or am I wrong? McDonald's doesn't make burgers just so people have something to eat, they make new meals that are enjoyable > but that MORE customers will BUY so they make > PROFIT. You were very helpful to some but in my opinion, its a petty reason to make a post about how you don't want to help because the official owners are trying to run a business for themselves, and not giving you anything in return.
  10. What..? He didn't do any of this
  11. I will be giving away 3 NordVPN Accounts all with active subs (cracked)🙂These can be used to masked your IP while cheating! The only requirement for joining the giveaway is that you need to leave a comment telling me your favorite sport, any spam comments are not counted. There will be 3 separate winners, names entered into a random picker. A like is NOT required but is greatly appreciated > I could be selling these accounts but instead I am giving them away The giveaway will end on Friday 18.10.2019 at 7 pm UK time. (2 pm EST)(I think)
  12. This is not how you go about getting cheats. Here it is good to buy a key/product and make some really good videos out of them, maybe then will an admin think about supporting you as a content creator. For the future, it's not a great idea to straight up ask for a key as it can be seen as desperate or ungrateful in my opinion. Keep putting in the effort though, the more your videos improve the more likely hood you are of getting a key. Good job though
  13. Are you using a VPN by chance? I've heard they've upgraded the security on it a bit and that they detect many VPN's so that people can not set their store location to other countries.
  14. ??? are you okay bud. I told this kid to go with the market rules, did I say you scammed him? No > did I say $5 for a nord account is bad > Yes. I merely answered him, this is the first time you've been on the forums in a while, looked at your profile > joined august 28th > last visited August 28. You didn't follow the marketplace rules, hence why I posted here. I absolutely understand what went on. Maybe he posted on the wrong thread, still brings to light that you aren't following the rules. I gave my opinion on a PRICE not you as a seller. Look you even put the price down since I posted. Don't need to be so quick to respond to something you do not even understand "bro" I never came here to "spit on yyour business" i came here to respond to that guy, call he bought from a different shop, i said your nord was overpriced. Boohoo, do you have to listen to anything i say? > No https://gyazo.com/281832fa3e9b0e1954107778c46301cd