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  1. Can give a +rep to this guy, gave me a vouch copy and its workin like a charm https://gyazo.com/3765d49326c20dcd16a0c47007b23e0b
  2. Hey would i qualify for a vouch copy? I have quite a bit of reputation and +reps on my old marketplace threads
  3. Bumperoni Now also selling Hulu accounts for $1.50
  4. If you used aim,wh and no recoil it is possible that you were obviously cheating to others, if this is correct then you will have been banned easily, watching people through walls, chasing them, getting 10+ kills is all an obvious sign of cheating. Also using no recoil on any cheat is a high chance of getting banned. Since PUBG is not marked as detected or testing, you aren't getting any compensation, if you don't use your cheat, that is your own fault. You cannot state that "the fix has not been made yet" when you don't know what needs fixing or if it even needs fixing. If it was a game update, then you need to be patient please. The developers have other things to do too.
  5. That's not what he was asking , he asked if certain features in a different level could get you banned. Which is true because things like no recoil and no spread are only level 2, and can get you banned by anticheats if unregular movement/recoil control is detected
  6. I believe it is, but the likelihood is very small. What I do know for ALL cheats is that the riskiest features to use are always the MISC options. Such as no recoil, no spread and so on.
  7. I also forgot to mention (why does edit button go away ) That I do not mind what you do with these accounts, you can resell them if you wish, give them out, etc.
  8. This will be my new account shop since I have begun restocking. All of the accounts I sell here are CRACKED unless I specify that I previously owned them! If you purchase from me, I highly recommend that you DON'T change the passwords so that you keep access to the accounts. As sketchy as this sounds, it is true, and I have many reputations from selling these kinds of accounts which can be found at my other shop threads: 1 2 3 Pricing List: 3 x PornHub Premium accounts $5 5 x Spotify Premium accounts $3 1 x NordVPN Account 1month+ Subs $2.50 1 x Origins Account with 20+ Games (Often including games from the Battlefield Franchise) $3 1 x 100k Fortnite + Gaming Focused Combo for your own account cracking $7 My Preferred methods of payment are Paypal and BTC, with Paypal all payments will be through friends & family, and I will not cover the fees if you are overseas. IF YOU DO NOT TRUST THE REPUTATION I HAVE GAINED, A MIDDLEMAN IS STILL AN OPTION IF YOU SO WISH > GOING WITH A MIDDLEMAN WILL REQUIRE PATIENCE HOWEVER. All deals will be done through the forums, in my pms. Thank you
  9. Please contact your resller for support, i believe you are using a key since you are not VIP here. Your reseller is the person responsible for helping you.
  10. Goodluck and thank you for the great help you gave people
  11. All extra spotify accounts were given out, please can someone close this thread!
  12. You seem to be vip now, were you vip when posting this or have you now received your product? Because I assume it has gone through now.