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  1. Did you purchase BEFORE it was in the yellow status? You don't get compensation unless you bought when it was good.
  2. Bump only 25 euro great for resale
  3. killmenow


    Just want to point out that lots of crypto is actually traceable just without your address and name attached to it. There is ways to avoid it of course with some sort of mixers or something. Hard to explain but people who have been in crimes involved with BTC have been caught. Just thought I'd share this 🙂
  4. If The1 was able to tell you publicly an easy way to be trusted, then we would all be trusted. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? > Yes, yes it does. Be a committed member, and you probably have to spend lots of money on regular subs too. Be helpful etc, nothing is a guaranteed tick off of the list for the rank, I've only ever seen one person with the rank and that is The1.
  5. Yes both levels come with HWID spoofer. Not sure how safe it is atm but I haven't seen tons of people complaining about bans. Might be in the VIP only section of forums though
  6. Selling 30 euro BTC or ETH really need some P
  7. Contact any of the Resellers here, but go with one recently online of course. I recommend Mar1k or Banek as I see they are usually the most active. https://hypercheats.gg/search/?type=core_members&group[13]=1
  8. They compensate however many days YOU lost from the cheat not being undetected, if you had 2 days left of a sub but the cheat was down for a week, you are only going to get 2 days because thats how much you had LEFT
  9. Bump again, great price, can resell if you want
  10. Bump, actually only looking for 40 euro now
  11. Hey there, I no longer play on this steam account. It has games worth €500 all together according to website https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198344608037/?cc=eu. You can have Full Access as it is my personal. You can find the account here:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198344608037/ The account is also banned on CS:GO and Rust I am looking for €65 - €70 Bitcoin or Ethereum I can also prove it is my account, can change the steam name/picture/bio/ add you as friend.
  12. Read the status page, it is clearly not on undetected status. Using brain = no ban