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  1. killmenow


    Why would you need to purchase the loader? If you buy the cheat you are buying the loader with it.
  2. I think you may be mistaken buddy, the cheats are locked to your HWID so giving them to someone else is somewhat impossible/impractical. Also using a cheat Is a risk you have taken , and you have been banned. You should never cheat if you expect nothing to ever go wrong
  3. killmenow


    1. If you buy through the store it's possible your payment is still confirming. 2. If you bought from a reseller its likely that you bought a key to activate which does not grant you VIP on the forums, you can alternatively ask to buy a subscription that gives you VIP however I believe this is more expensive. 3. You may not have even purchased a cheat. 4. If you find absolutely no solution to this and you are certain you have purchased a subscription and your money has left your wallet, use the support function to contact staff about your issue
  4. killmenow


    Read the FAQ to find out if your system will work with the cheats, If you buy and you do not have an intel processor, you will not get your money back because it is your fault for not checking first. Also I believe you must be running on windows 10 V 1809 or 1903
  5. Well if you are buying something that is only supposed to be bought through uplay, likelihood is that you bought something like r6 credits where the service needs to log in. IF this is what you did they probably used some illegal method to get them or POSSIBLY cheated on your account. Thats what it sounds like but I can say that IS what happened.
  6. Indeed, however if its the first time you get HWID banned, they do after many months clear your HWID information from your system. However I mean 5-6 months. If you wait this long and get reported again they will see the HWID information you were banned on originally and if it matches you just get banned again that easily. I was banned on rust before with a shit recoil programme, i was able to play 7 months later on the same pc all same parts. However im banned again because I just went back to my old ways.
  7. As a relatively long term member of the forums, i recommend waiting for the status to go back to undetected. This way if it is to become broken or detected (not very often if at all) you are covered by compensation. If you want to buy while its in investigation or testing you can, but hypercheats will not say that you are currently 100% safe from being banned.
  8. If you bought BEFORE it went into testing/investigation your days lost will be compensated.
  9. Me? No, I'm not a dev, it's still your resellers responsibility to help you. If there is an actual bug and its not just a problem for you. More people would be complaining to get it fixed.
  10. Please contact your reseller for support. They are the ones who need to deal with key users
  11. Thanks a lot for the great giveaway Graves, hope to win but goodluck to everyone who enters! What sort of date will this be ending?
  12. He did point out that he was not upset because he knows he bought it during testing.
  13. See this right here people, is a person with intelligence and a general understanding of cheating in games. Nice review, nice to see some people still understand the status page and what they're actually doing. Hopefully, the status page will be back to being all green soon 🙂
  14. If you bought it DURING investigation that is your own fault and no one else's. This is what happens to cheats, if you expect companies to NOT try and stop cheating then you are mistaken. The devs will be working hard on getting all the cheats back up and running asap. But please remember we are all real people and im sure they have other things to do outside of their computers.
  15. They are not necessarily very high, but there is a chance you can be banned by detection or some sort of new technique. When cheats are in investigating/testing there is always chance you can get banned. I recommend purchasing once the state is back to undetected. This way you are covered by compensation if something is to go wrong with the cheat again.