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  1. i dont need photos, apex and rust share the same anti-cheat but thats all. and spoofer/cheat only injects into the game that its for, so if u had apex cheat theres nothing that would ban you in rust. have you been using auto hot key or an auto clicker or anything ?? because that can get u banned in rust.
  2. i declare shenanigans. no way you would get banned in rust for cheating in apex
  3. and people cant refund bitcoin
  4. It brings ppl here to make more customers . It doesn’t make it detected faster
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/379814025?t=05h28m47s here i am stream sniping and it was hilarious
  6. im not a youtuber and i won last time, just have faith and tryhard
  7. nope u can always turn it off tho
  8. hmm 5 minutes and got it, sounds like what i said in the other post @RouterRagelmao
  9. bitcoin takes like 5 minutes to get the confirmations required not 2 hours
  10. these are internal cheats not mod menus lol but yes they are worth it, especially the apex cheat
  11. you will need to buy through a reseller so ask them that question
  12. those guys risk their own money, using payments other than bitcoin can be refunded, so if you buy from reseller and refund it, they are the ones screwed so charging extra to take the risk isnt that bad
  13. they used to have fortnite but no more and it will not be coming back