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  1. I'm trying to renew my sub and the coupon is not working for me.
  2. Can I buy 20 of it I'll pay 25.
  3. blkwt

    Buying HC

    I'm buying 20HC paying paypal / btc. We can use mid man to avoid scam.
  4. I'll buy it now but we must use a mid man.
  5. vouching for this free middle man service! XD
  6. blkwt

    Rust Level 1

    Unfortunately I still haven't received my purchase.
  7. blkwt

    Rust Level 1

    Thanks for telling me how long I should wait xd 🙂
  8. blkwt

    Rust Level 1

    Thanks for information @Rizen, I'll wait then @Synth thanks!
  9. I've bought level 1 rust and the chat box did just gone.