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  1. Go to the marketplace section
  2. Teaxy253


    If a simple innocuous word without any insulting intention scares you. This is not my case.He asked me to explain myself since I painted reality as it is.So i did.
  3. Teaxy253


    Banning me will just be abusing of his power but I won't be surprised if it happens.I am not doing anything wrong Except if claiming my needs is a thing contradicting the rules of hypercheats.
  4. Why do not you try to buy BTCs with Litcoins: https://paxful.com/buy-bitcoin/litecoin-ltc. You will surely get less than the starting amount, but adding $ will correct the problem.
  5. Teaxy253


    You play too much with the words.I removed you from the conversation because you saw the message without answering.I had waited 1h, before you removed from the conversation.For my case, this 1% of the situation you're talking about does not concern me at all. I said everything.So no need to repeat what I've just said.: https://gyazo.com/3b9b1219bdee30397f481cff9951a52e Therefore, talking about the little problem that happened before is a bit idiot from you , you are contradicting yourself.I have indeed asked to get my days back for the spoofer while I still had a little time on my r6 level 2.I do not see where is the problem since I paid for it, no relation to the problem discussed here.You play a lot with words, you know how to handle them.But changing lies to truths,you can't do this . Can you now stop being childish and use this ability of knowing how to deal with people to discuss about the real problem here? My greetings , Teaxy
  6. If you already got hwid banned on r6 you will need the Hwid Spoofer or you can perhaps buy a new hdd.If you get the r6's cheat you dont need to do anything.It will spoof your components by itself.
  7. Teaxy253


    You jump from the rooster to the donkey.Your situation might be something similar to the one concerning me but similar do not mean the same. To talk to people is only the art of eloquence and does not reflect in any way proffessionalism. When you pay for a product, you do not receive it half or partially, you receive it completely. It's very nice of you to defend drogo but my problem is not yours and I have never asked the opinion of others. Besides, what I wrote was not an opinion but rather the painted reality as it is. My greetings , Teaxy
  8. Teaxy253


    I write this message because I think Drogo is abusing his power. In my opinion, the discussion we had about compensation made him angry. It's been over a week now that the season is public. He ignores my messages. You say that offering compensation is a privilege. I do not think no, we pay for 1 month, we must have our 30 days. I can certainly understand that Hypercheat, this amazing business (and it's not hyperbolic) requires hundreds of maintenances. But I also think that customer service is part of these "maintenances". It's just a small glimpse of what's going on and it will surely make you angry, but the reality always hurts(even if in this case ,your reality hurts mine). You will probably be obnoxious and you will get my 2 days on December 12th because we will need 2fa but that's fine. As long as I'm "compensated". My greetings, Teaxy
  9. I understand the situation perfectly. I just wanted to draw your attention to this: I'm not trying to arouse pity in you, I am not a beggar, I was angry.Now that you explained the situation , I surely do understand it and I will wait for it . Thank's
  10. By the way , I am not playing the victim.You don't know me I was really mad because i thought you guys wont care about compensation when I woke up and saw that I had not my vip anymore.I surely understand the situation and I am glad to know that you guys will handle it.
  11. Hi , r6s got updated (new season) 2 days ago and I wasnt able to play because of the cheat crashing everytime you launch the game and it's been a little bit more than 48h before you guys update the cheat and now my vip expired , I had 2 days left.. Can I get a compensation? This is injustice.
  12. If I had to give my opinion , I think it's for tmr
  13. cheat is working well after the new update ? you tried it?