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  1. Can someone send me link for discord, my rust lv 2 sub is over and now i cant see chat
  2. can buy 2 rust acc's for that price but ok must be golden plated
  3. Lol, its more ir u want to spend 6 Bucks everyday on a new acc
  4. Props 🙈🙉🙊 u can close this thread
  5. Sorry but that makes no sense, you're telling me that everyone on that discord has an active sub? If so you guys ban ppl as they sub expires? In my opinion u should have a private channel for the vips and make it public.
  6. It's outdated, last post is from 25 october...
  7. I am a rust subscriber, but I won't renew my sub just for discord lol, I remember when you guys had rocket chat. Thanks anyways
  8. Can someone tell me if there's any HC discord server?