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  1. I meant that you need to be a customer to get access to the discord. Not that you need to stay a customer. It's not public! https://discordapp.com/invite/zytC7d Here you go.
  2. Keeping a public discord community is hard since they just get taken down easily so it's just for customers!
  3. Got it! I have used this in September though. It was the last time. That's why I'm making this thread here as it's been a few months.
  4. Sim ^^ What's up?
  5. Hey guys! I've used this cheat a while back and was never banned with it in the end even though it suffered a detection, since I stopped using it before my sub ended. I had too many problems with it since I only have 8gb of RAM memory on my current system. Even though the rest of my hardware is pretty much current. I can play RUST without any issues but with the cheat it was causing me to BSOD at every memory spike, since at times it was up to 90%+ use of ram, mostly while loading things even with all features disabled. I was never able to fix it (unless buying more RAM!) If I had read at the time of purchase that I would need more memory I would have acquired that first so I wouldn't have wasted sub time on something I could not use. Before I subscribe again I need to know if this problem has been solved and if this is an issue with all the games supported? I plan to get Rust again and PUBG. Thanks for your time.
  6. I love the stories people tell on giveaways the most. Thanks for hosting this. Here's my entry. Enjoy your elite upgrade.
  7. Sounds delightful. Keep up the good work.
  8. I'd take a chance for this. Thanks. 🙂