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  1. Oh, my bad. Yeah, I understand that, I used the PUBG cheat and it was pretty good.
  2. Just as a heads up, you should probably fix the store description for the packages, also ontop of this $75 for a week is a bit steep. Good work though, I know how much time goes into development
  3. I was tempted to buy it once, however I feel like $600 a month is way too much, maybe if it was a one time fee it'd make more sense?
  4. Hello, I have been using the cheat for sometime now, and I would like to review this cheat. Please take what I say as an opinion and not as fact. Aimbot (8/10): Aimbot is great, the prediction works well and I have managed to get a lot of kills, however sometimes I notice when players lean they are not seen as visible sometimes, this can be annoying as I normally play with visibility check. Another great thing would be the ability to use silent aim whilst aimed in. Apart from that the aimbot is great and works well. ESP (9/10): ESP is great, has all the features you need, I enjoy using the visuals however I wish there was a legit mode toggle which would only allow visuals to show if the player is visible, this would allow me to play with a slight advantage but not out of the normal amount. Also if the font was smoother and anti aliased it would look a lot nicer. The ability to stream proof is also there which is nice. Misc (?/10): The misc tab I don't really use a lot but the minimap feature is great and I do use this a lot. It allows me to use the spectator minimap and shows all users, the direction of bullets when being shot and who is shooting, this is probably the feature I use the most in the whole cheat. Here is my short and sweet review, I picked the cheat up in the sale and will probably not resub as I don't think I can warrant the $100 per month on a cheat. I would rather put that money towards my rent. If there is another sale/price drop I may consider purchasing again.
  5. Having two cheats is good enough in my opinion. If you're spending half your salary on cheats I would suggest getting a better job to be honest.
  6. Hi, I have a few questions about the cheat and hope you can answer them: 1. I presume as you only support intel you are using a hypervisor to inject ect, for this is there any requirements apart from intel (Haswell +)? 2. Is silent aim on all the cheats only client side or also server sided? 3. Is there a place I can look at the previous detection dates? Thanks