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  1. They are usually $200, since we cant advertise other providers here we cant help you out.
  2. Yes, once its UD again you will get some time compensated. (time in where it was detected)
  3. the fuck is wrong with this dude
  4. You need a hwid spoofer or simply a new pc as they simply blacklist too many components. Most of the time chaning the hard drive(s) is enough to bypass a ban (make sure to reinstall windows!)
  5. well now its public you smartass
  7. https://hypercheats.gg/status/ mhhh\ https://i.imgur.com/l7fZD3Y.png MHHHHH sit down
  8. Checkout the Discord, the cheat itself is detected also but the staff mentions otherwise because they never heard of delayed bans.
  9. Its his fault for using the cheats that were advertised as fully undetected?
  10. https://hypercheats.gg/status/
  11. People kept getting banned since months, since recent weeks the spoofer also got detected so the bans were much more frequient, the cheat itself delayed bans are delayed up to 2 weeks but when somebody reports it you tell him "you got reported and banned, what did you expect?" even tho the examples of countless people says otherwise.
  12. NotGay

    L33t Cheat

    If i just knew whats in l33t 😄
  13. No, your Hardware will be blacklisted be fucked and you will have to depend on a Spoofer or get new Hardware (new pc)