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  1. Matej2303

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    @Dave1777 thnks so much, tell me your paypal, if you accept donations.
  2. forgot which AC it was using sry.good luck on your exam btw.
  3. it wont bypass fornite ac bcs fortnite acc isnt only BE i think.
  4. Matej2303

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    @Dave1777 when you have time make me one ill pay and if you can chose 2 names Matej2303 and Sloke and if it can be like edgy ghost retro themed, if you have time ofcourse.
  5. Matej2303


    I suggest that you dont buy it because you will not be compensated as im pretty sure its detected now.
  6. Matej2303

    Banner Showcase.

    can you make me one too
  7. try to contact support first in the future.
  8. Firs rule of cheating! 1.DONT CHEAT IF YOU ARENT PREPARED TO LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT (if it has sentimental value)
  9. is it possible that lvl 2 gets detected and lvl 1 not, bcs it has other features?
  10. no its acounted by how much you are saving if you for example bought 4 weeks of the cheat instead of 1 month.
  11. yes you should definetly wait, as if you are eager to try the cheat bcs you bought it use at your own risk, as im aware its your fault that you bought it even if it said testing so you will probably not be compensated , here are the rules of compensation https://hypercheats.gg/topic/3946-how-we-compensate/?tab=comments#comment-27585, maybe i missed something you check them out for yourself.
  12. i dont think you can use that code with a reseller, not sure.
  13. just look at what game you are buying a spoofer for for example if you want BE spoofer buy r6s as its the cheapest if im not mistaking, do the same for EAC.