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  1. I added you on discord cuz you are a reseller please add

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    yes i know that much.
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    okay cool, thanks.
  4. Rapkin


    So i see the rust cheato is now fully UD, i just have a question before i buy it on monday. Can you launch the cheat without running the spoofer? I have a working and UD EAC HWID spoofer that has been working fine for all EAC games for months and i would rather use that spoofer than go through the whole spoofing process thats involved with Hyper.
  5. Forgot to attach my winver and cant edit my post? well here it is ahaha
  6. Do you mind telling me what the issues people are having are? and is it working on my windows version? Also do you have an ETA on a full release?
  7. Looking at getting the level 1 cheat literally just for the spoofer but how does the spoofer work? Like do i have to reinstall windows after each spoof? like whats involved?and is the rust cheat even able to be purchased it says its in testing
  8. How exactly does this work? Im new here and am looking for a spoofer to play fortnite and rust again, but i see people on here saying it doesn't work the conventional way.....How exactly does it work? Will i indeed be able to play rust and fortnite again with any issues?