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  1. Does quick treatment work only for syringes?
  2. Sorry. I did not find the desired section. I assigned this button, but the game closes when using this function. And I ask you to add a display of large helicopters.
  3. Good afternoon. 1) Is the quick cure function malfunctioning? Can I remove or fix it? 2) Can you add the display of large helicopters? I use the version for Russia. Reseller cannot help me with this problem. I understand that in order to use the support services I need to purchase the official version from this site. But I still write here in the hope that the staff of this site will help me. Regards to you and your business. Alekndsr.
  4. Aleksandr


    Tell me please, is hacking now working for the game? Last night, the program went into detection.
  5. I'm from Russia. Can I purchase your program without using the services of a reseller?
  6. The fact is that this game is gaining popularity. And she's widely publicized on Twitch. I think it is worth paying attention to. Especially now you have no competitors.
  7. Subscription time goes on, but we do not know how to solve it (
  8. In the Russian version of your program, you need to enter the key purchased from the seller. I have been using your program for a long time and everything was fine. By this, I am sure that my firewall and antivirus is turned off.
  9. Until the last update of your program, I used your program regularly from month to month when I bought a subscription from a retailer Ivan (since I am from Russia). But after the last update, for some reason I can’t log into your program and use it. My salesman Ivan says that the problem is in my internet (internet service provider). Can you tell me what's the matter because before this update I used your program without any problems? With respect to you and your business, Alexander (regular customer of your products).
  10. Yes. I'm sure. I did nothing except reinstalling windows. But it does not matter. I don't need a reset anymore. The topic is manly closed.
  11. Good day. I need the HWID ID of the iron because I reinstalled Windows
  12. Thanks for the answer. The topic is closed. S incerely, Александр.
  13. Aleksandr


    Здравствуйте. Hello. Tell me please. Can I buy Level 2 instead of Level 1 of your product in the game "Rust"? Sincerely, Alexander.
  14. Спасибо за ваш ответ. Тема закрыта. С уважением, пользователь ваших продуктов Александр.
  15. Good day. I'm interested in the question of price policy for Russian users. Unfortunately, because of the dollar's price, your cheat is too expensive for permanent (monthly) use (I get a normal salary for Russia). Is there any special offers for some users? Then I could use your product constantly. Yours faithfully the user of your products Alexander.