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  1. it can take up to 24 hours for u to get the VIP rank and access to the product. to contact a reseller all u have to do is search for them in the forums userlist (blue name, rank’s name is Re-Seller)
  2. what method are u going to choose to purchase the products? via our store (hypercheats.gg/store) u are able to purchase only with BTC, for other payment methods u have to contact a re-seller
  3. nope, the cheat is public in the sense that you just have to purchase a subscription for one or more products via the store or re-sellers.
  4. with the spoofer u will just have to format, without it ud have to do more (and more expensive) steps
  5. unfortunately a format is required due to the game leaving traces of ur ban behind. the hwid spoofer mitigates the issue of getting unbanned (ud need, for example, a new hard drive every time u get banned + more).
  6. the cheats subscription sub system does not work for days uve played but by time spent; if u used the cheat only for 10 days but u bought the sub a month ago that is a problem on ur hand and unfortunately we cannot expand your sub if this is NOT the case: provide proof and date of purchase in PMs to an administrator, your issue will get solved.
  7. we are currently not looking for any sponsorship, if anything changed we will let u know in announcements.
  8. if u buy it while its detected ur sub time wont get compensated; plus ur accounts will last for a short period of time (6 to 8 hours). we recommend you to wait for the cheats updates (check status page every now and then). if u are fine with getting banned every 6 hours u can get unbanned istantly using our multiple methods provided in the VIP section and discords. u will just have to format ur computer.
  9. if the products are still usable (being able to play for 12 hours like in this case) you wont get compensated. u will get compensated if the cheat is/was under maintenance though.
  10. Intel and AMD use two different methods to virtualize code, thats why if we develop a loader for intel that will be incompatible for AMD for an in-depth explanation feel free to PM me on forums. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypervisor AMD support is not planned in the future.