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  1. I have been banned 3-4 times now, cheating without spoofer, 3 different worthless cheats. None of my other accounts is banned, only the one i used for cheating. If or when eac implement hwid bans in apex, then you will have everything connected to that hwid banned.
  2. I have not seen more then a couple of people (2-3) getting banned for rage hacking in this game, thats nothing to be honest. And yes, you get banned if/when cheat is detected.
  3. XfUsion


    Ok, sounds good to me. I am going to see what i do during the day/weekend. Thanks for the reply 🙂
  4. XfUsion


    Is people experiencing bans in apex? Kinda wanna go for lvl 1, but its that f...ing eac that makes me sit on the fence if you know what i mean..
  5. I tried express, vyper, tunnelbear and another one or two i cant recall the name of now.
  6. When even admins in servers can find your vpn, what do you think eac can? I gotten bans and seen many others getting banned aswell after only server ban. Heard of ban evasion? Its nothing new btw. Vpn has never worked, last late fall i tried vpn in every way you can imagine, different vpn`s. Same result no mather what i did or used.
  7. That`s not true, vpn does not help u at all when it comes to rust and eac. Been there, done that, to many times..
  8. XfUsion

    Rust Level 2 Video

    Im so bored with all the cosa nostra/combat servers vids, is that the only place you guys play? No one with anything from vanilla servers or atleast in that direction.
  9. Thanks for the giveaway, it is very kind of you doing this. Im in if its still going 😄