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  1. Yubel


    He doesn't have an active Rust cheat sub. I'm assuming he's asking either because his subscription has ended and he's wondering about when he will get his compensation or because he wants what to purchase but he will not be entitled to compensation if he does.
  2. Sounds like your account got unbanned but you are still HWID banned so after you played Rust on that account you got banned again due to your banned HWID.
  3. Those that purchase the Rust cheat now even though the spoofer is detected are not entitled to an extension of their subscription once it gets updated, right?
  4. Yubel


    Why don't you start by telling us why Drogo refused to give you compensation so we can give you our opinion? Drogo seems like a good bloke in my opinion. Very articulate and an excellent communicator. I had a minor compensation issue which he quickly fixed it up. On the compensation being a privilege thing, there are many providers that scam their customers by claiming they will compensate their customers if their cheat is detected. Without naming names, a very well known public cheat provider almost a year ago, released a public Rust and PUBG cheat. It lasted 2 days, they got detected, claimed that they would compensate when it came back up. A few months later it came back, I received no compensation. DMed the admin multiple times. No response. Decided to purchase again anyway. Cheat gets detected again. Lasted a week this time. They never brought it back and never came out compensation. Multiple people complained about no compensation on their forums. Some private providers don't even hand out compensation. And then there's the fact that compensation actually adds more days to your subscription in a way; given that alot of times when the cheat is in 'testing' it is actually undetected and so everyone using it during that stage is receiving free days.
  5. If it was set to undetected at the time of purchase you will be compensated, if it was set to testing/detected at the time of purchase you will not be compensated. November 13th is the day the status changed to testing that's why no one gets compensation on and after that day. If you purchased a few hours before it got switched to testing on November 13th you might be able to get compensation if you contact Drogo.
  6. Yubel

    Rust cheeto.

    Yes it works. At least for most people. There are some steps you need to do after each Rust ban. None of which involve reinstalling Windows (unless you want to be extra careful). You have to reinstall Rust after each ban though. There is an unban guide that explains every step you need to take after a Rust game ban. As for the testing status, yes technically it is able to be purchased however I would recommend against it as you might not be compensated for the days that the cheat is in testing status as far I know.
  7. HWID spoofer is no longer sold as a standalone product. You need to purchase a cheat and that cheat will come with a HWID spoofer for that game. There's also no guarantee that the HWID spoofer you get from purchasing a cheat will work with any other game other than the one it is designed for.
  8. I'm liking your all these promos, my dude.
  9. After you have paid, how long until you become VIP and can thus access the cheat depends on how you purchased it. If directly through HC's store it can take up to 15 minutes. If you purchased through a reseller then that reseller needs to contact an admin and that admin will need to manually give you VIP. So that depends on when the admin looks at his PMs which could take a few minutes to a few hours. And as Korean said, all this time waiting doesn't count towards your sub time.
  10. Yubel


    NIce! I will definitely contact you when I need a VPN.
  11. You cannot purchase HC anymore. If you wish to purchase a cheat with Paypal, you need to contact a reseller.
  12. Your HWID shouldn't change after you reinstall windows. Did you upgrade your computer with any new hardware ( SSD/HDD, RAM, Motherboard etc)?
  13. The steps are so simple it shouldn't even take 15 minutes to do them all. Just upload a picture of your ID (gets approved/declined in 2 minutes) and verify your banking details (If you have internet banking this step can be done in 2 minutes). If someone is sceptical about the website and doesn't want to hand over that info, that's fine. But if the reason is because they think it will take too long/too much hassle then it's really not true.
  14. Do not use your main account or any account that you don't want to get banned. Just because the cheat is undetected now doesn't mean it will remain undetected forever. It will eventually get detected and you will get banned.