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  1. I would advise you to wait, yes. As I have been using HC in the past, came back recently from a break (last time I used it was in march I believe), took a day worth of subscription to check the current status out, got banned during that day 🙂 I heard you can get a couple hours of game time before the ban hammer, week ends might be better as it seems the bans are delayed there. But you won't last long as of now.
  2. plati.ru or steamby.ru @davidjohnhowlett
  3. Yea, and you get full ownership
  4. You aren't playing with humans than 🤔
  5. I just wanted to share my (little) experience with hypercheats on rust so far as I was very hesitant to try it out because of the high cost compared to what I was used to. I guess I'm not alone about that. I don't wan to sound cheap, but you got to put the cheating costs in your budget and obviously the cheaper the better when checking your balance at the end of the month. I was coming from somewhere else where rust cheat support got discontinued and was on hold for long (since around march if I recall right). I only found out about hypercheats recently. And I don't know much about the place yet, I'm only expecting good things though. But what I do definitely know is that I tried out the cheat on 2 different weeks. And the cheat does feel awesome, you dominate easily. All cards are in YOUR hands as soon as hyper cheats is loaded, no excuse to miss out on any kill or loot. The only bad thing, that I can say about the cheat, is the aiming with bows, but who stays at that level for long anyway. I can only hope rust will stay a main focus for the hyper cheats staff because they are offering a great product that I will keep using for as long as I can.
  6. As a new comer, this was a good read 🙂